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When can I e-file my tax return?

A current year return can be e-filed during January through the e-file deadline in October. After the October deadline it becomes a prior year return, the IRS then requires these returns to be signed and paperfiled.

When is the last day to file my tax return?

Every year the tax season ends around mid April. Returns with a tax due need to be filed before the end of tax season to avoid late filing penalties. To extend the deadline to October, an IRS extension must be filed in April.

How do I start?

Select your tax year and create a username and password. Simply, enter your tax information such as your income and deductions. We will even let you know what credits you’re eligible for. Then, submit your account to us once you’re ready.

We provide the help and security you need to file your taxes.

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Maximize Your Refund

We work hard to get you qualifying deductions and credits.

How do we do it? We dig deep into the tax book and unearth deductions and credits other tax sites miss. Then we match all those that fit to your tax situation.

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We make sure you are 100% safe while sharing your personal information with us.

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  • Single, Married filing Separately, no dependents
  • Income solely from W-2s, or Unemployment, or Interest & Dividends, or Retirement
  • Only claim the Earned Income Credit and Standard Deduction



  • Dependents
  • Income from multiple sources
  • Claim above the line deductions or Itemizing Deductions



  • Any Filing Status with or without dependents
  • Business or self-employment income, capital gains or losses, rental real estate or royalties
  • Standard or Itemizing Deductions



  • Any Filing Status
  • Income received from Schedule K-1 Form 1065, 1041 & 1120S, Partnerships, Estates, Trusts, LLC, S & C Corps
  • Standard or Itemizing Deductions



All packages include free customer service.

Tax Season Calendar

January 29

2018 Tax Season begins! The IRS will start accepting e-filed tax returns. According to the IRS, refunds may be issued within 10-21 days after acceptance.

January 31

Employers are required to issue income statements such as W2s and 1099s to employees.

February 27

IRS issues refunds to taxpayers who qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit and or the Additional Child Tax Credit.

April 17

2018 Tax Season ends. It is the last day to file individual and state tax returns. You must file an extension for their 2017 tax return by this date.

October 15

Tax returns that were filed with an extension are due. This is also the e-file deadline, after this date, 2017 federal and state returns are considered prior year returns and must be signed and then mailed.

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