Where’s My Alabama State Tax Refund?

Posted by on May 29, 2013
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Where’s My Alabama State Tax Refund?

Find out how to check the status of your Alabama refund and how long you can expect to wait

Waiting for a tax refund can be one of the most frustrating experiences out there. After all the hard work of preparing taxes, we want our money now – not several weeks or months from now.

The IRS is notorious for delays, but state tax authorities are just as bad, if not worse. Unfortunately Alabama is no exception – delays of several months are not uncommon.

Here’s how to track the status of your tax refund as it wends its way through the state bureaucracy and how long you can expect to wait to get your money.

How to check the status of your refund

You can search for the status of your refund online at the Alabama Department of Revenue website. Just follow this link and then click on the “Where’s My Refund?” link under the individuals section of Taxpayer Services. In order to find your refund you will need to enter your Social Security number and the refund amount you expect to receive.

If you prefer to use the phone, you can call the refund hotline at 1-800-558-3912 to find out the status of your refund. This is an automated system and will not put you into contact with a live human being. You can also try calling 334-242-1099, the number listed for questions about “my Alabama tax,” if you would like to speak to a live agent.

How long does it take?

You should wait at least six weeks after you file to check the status of your refund to make sure the Department of Revenue has had enough time to process your return.

The Department of Revenue says it takes about three months to process a paper return and issue the refund. The time is slightly less for e-filed returns. If it hasn’t been three months since you filed yet, don’t bother to contact the Department of Revenue about your refund. They will just tell you to wait.

How to get your refund faster

Remember, as with federal returns, the fastest way to get your refund is to e-file. Not only does e-filing deliver your return to the Department of Revenue instantly, it also cuts down on processing time once it’s there.

Also try to file your return as early in the season as possible. Processing times tend to be much shorter early in the season before the mad rush of returns near the deadline. Plus, you’ll get your money sooner.

If you still haven’t filed your Alabama state tax return, or you need to file one from a previous year, you can do so right here on RapidTax.

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60 Responses to “Where’s My Alabama State Tax Refund?”

  1. Jeane Kratoska says:

    I filed my tax return with you today but cannot verify that the e-file was submitted to IRS can you check to make sure it has been submitted to the IRS and let me know status of e-file. Thank you

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Jeane,

      Generally after a customer submits a return to us, it is not immediately e-filed with the IRS. First one of our tax professionals has to process it and check it to make sure everything looks okay. Then we e-file it with the IRS. Generally this process takes about one business day.

      If you have any more questions, you can log back into your account. You should be able to see the status of your return on your status page. Alternately, you can call customer service at 877-289-7580 Monday-Friday, 10:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. EST.

  2. shirley miller says:

    i efiled my alabama taxes and direct deposit So i was charged to do that and now it is saying should receive refund in 8 to 10 weeks when it should be 21 days. can you help?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Shirley,
      Some states can take longer than expected to process state refunds. I would suggest calling the Alabama tax department regarding your tax refund at their number 1-800-322-4106.

  3. Shannon says:

    Hi Shirley, I too am concerned about having to wait 8—10 weeks for my return. Have you received your Alabama tax refund yet?

  4. Zaneta says:

    Me and my husband waiting to get r tax return now for 3 months how much longer do we have to wait ? We e-file .

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Zaneta,
      Have you been waiting for your tax refund for three months? I suggest you contact the IRS. Also, are you sure whoever prepared your return for you has filed your taxes?

      • jay woods says:

        Hello. Was reading some of these posts. I had to mail my tax information in on Feb.11 to get my refund. On March 12 I checked the ‘Alabama my taxes’ site and it said my return is being processed and should get refund in 8-12 weeks. I checked the site today and now it says, ‘your refund was approved on May 15 and should get my refund in 8-10 weeks. Am I going to have to an additional 8 weeks to get my refund? I did opt for direct deposit into my account. Thanks!!

        • Tax Advisor says:

          Hi Jay,
          That doesn’t sound fun…. I would suggest contacting the state of Alabama taxation department directly (by phone), to ask them the status of your return. That way, you can be sure it’s on it’s way to you.

  5. kelly says:

    We e filed and February 24,2014. Still no refund. By the way they said they didn’t receive it until 3/24/2014. Something is fishy. They are required to pay interest after 90 days.

  6. Step says:

    I noticed that return time with e-file is somewhat longer than by mail. Is this a new service and did you not expect people to take advantage of its convenice. This was not a good idea and do not advise others to use.


    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Step,
      I’m guessing your speaking about Alabama state returns specifically? Generally, electronically filing a return takes much less time to process than mailing a return. Although, there’s always exceptions. Thanks for the info!

  7. mary says:

    I file my taxApril 6 a have not receive my refund at this time what is going on if I owed taxes you would want your money

  8. Shae says:

    I mailed my Alabama tax on Feb 19 2014 . Feb 25th the site showed my status as processing allow 8-10 weeks ,, Now it is almost the middle of June and still it shows processing ,, how much longer do i have to wait ?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Shae,
      Some states take much longer than others to process refunds. I would suggest contacting Alabama’s taxation department to request a status update on your refund.

  9. Mike says:

    My alabama tax return was first received on April 2, 2014. That was the first time it show received and being processed. That I should receive my refund in 8 to 12 weeks. I checked today and every week after. It still say the same thing. Plus I can put any numbers in the dollar amount and it will say the same thing. Long as my ssn# correct. Wondering if anyone else have received or at least has been processed.

  10. lindsey says:

    Hi I just check the where’s my refund and it told me it was issued on may 28 2014 and I still haven’t received it I am starting to get worried should I be or continue to wait

  11. Jackie says:

    We filed our AL tax return by mail April 15. It is now July 6, and we have heard nothing. As with Mike, above, the website just keeps repeating the same message as “is being processed and you should recieve it 8 to 12 weeks from today”. Says that EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Jackie,

      Since you are not receiving the correct information from the IRS website, I would contact the IRS via telephone. Hopefully an actual representative will be able to assist you and provide you with the correct information for when you will physically receive your refund.

  12. Alice says:

    This is my first year filing Alabama and I filed on March 15. I am getting the same “8 to 12 weeks from today” message. Is this even legitimate that they can hold our returns this long? I agree with the others. If we did not pay when we owe there would definitely be penalities.

  13. Wanda says:

    Me and my husband file electronically with accountant March 27, 2013 and continuously get message on website that is being processed and may take 8 to 10 weeks from date you check website. When I called Revenue, they did not provide any information or reason for delay or when it maybe received.

  14. Donald & Patsy Leach says:

    I would like to know where my refund check is for 2013

  15. James bird says:

    I filled 21 Weeks ago and the website says still processing takes 8 to 12 Weeks I have called and talk to someone they first told me it would be out by July 15 if not they had to pay interest, after that day I called back and the guy said it should be about a month and should receive some interest on it. I efiled and direct deposited, but no one had an answer to where my refund is

  16. Lasandra Patrick says:

    Can anyone tell me why it’s taking so long to receive refunds. I’ve been waiting patiently since April. I desperately need my refund.

  17. Joe says:

    I filed for my Alabama return beginning of May. 2 weeks ago I received a letter stating they did not have my W2 and needed to send it in. That is complete crap because myself and accountant double checked the paper work using a check list before we filed. They told me to fax it in. They did receive it that day I faxed it. I am now over 3 months and still no return. What kind of scam are they running

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Joe,

      I suggest you or your accountant contact the IRS directly about this issue.

    • Cher says:

      Hi Joe,
      I filed my alabama tax return on March 10th and it was accepted the next day….. I kept checking each week and calling and was always told that it was processing. I called every other week until On June 26th i received a letter that they need more information and that was due by July 26th. I then sent the information in on July 5th. I called a week later and they told me it was received and still processing. I have now received an offset letter and that my return was approved on August 13th, not by much thank goodness, and was told that i would receive my refund in ” due course of business” When I called last week, i was told that it was approved but has not been sent to the comptroller for the refund to be issued. This could take up to 3 weeks. UGH. Even now, when I check the refund status online, it still says: we have received your return and it is processing……blah blah blah.” It does not state that it has even been accepted. I normally owe the state, intentionally, but this year I claimed the failing school credit which is where my refund is coming from. This has been the most frustrating thing to deal with. It is almost September and still no refund. I pray you and I will hear something soon. Good LucK!

  18. Jacque says:

    Cher, Have you received your refund yet from the state of Alabama? I still have not received mine and when I call all they tell me is they do not when I will receive my refund. This is crazy! I thought the state had to pay interest if your refund was not received by July 15th. I efiled and requested direct deposit. I am so frustrated, mainly because there isn’t anything I can do. UGH!

    • Cher says:

      Sorry for the delay. I finally got my state refund in November. ha! Now another year to start all the fun times. I just filed 2014 this week and I am not even going to expect it anytime before August. Geez.

  19. Terry says:

    I filed my Alabama return electronically through turbo tax. Having moved mid year from Maryland I had to submit those taxes also. I got refunds from Maryland and from the IRS in less than 10 days after filing. But not Alabama. I kept checking the website and it kept saying my return was being processed. Then in Jun I received a letter saying they needed original W2 submitted prior to 15Jul14 otherwise my refund amount could be reduced. I returned the W2 in a couple of days and waited another 3 weeks before calling as the same status was being displayed on the web site.

    They told me that they got the W2 within 4 days and that the return was waiting to be processed! No time line on when that would happen. So I kept checking the web site and the status finally changed to “your return has been approved and your refund can be expected within 8 to 12 weeks”. Seriously! Final called and got through today to be told that the refund was approved on 17 Sep 14 but they can not say when it will be paid. I figure probably 8 to 12 weeks from 17 Sep which puts in close to Christmas time.

    What good is electronic filing if it takes 8 months or more to get anything done and even longer to get back money that belongs to you in the first place. Like other posts I believe they use these tactics just to slow down the amount of money being refunded. The Governor should be ashamed of how his state operates.

  20. Gail says:

    our cap filed our st. Income tax return on 4/9/14. I called in August,sept, and again today. Each time I was told it has been processed. All I want to know is where is my check. It is not right that the state of Alabama is using my money by delaying my refund. I have also been told I will receive interest on the number of dYs of the delay in payment. Well I will be anxiously awaiting my check plus interest. I hope I receive it before I have to file again next year. 6 months is too long to wait on my refund. Maybe someone needs help in this dept of the state of Alabama. Makes you want to move on!

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Gail,

      I understand your frustration and suggest looking at the Alabama Department of Revenue website and clicking on the “Where’s My Refund” link. You can also call the refund hotline at 1-800-558-3912. If you’ve exhausted these options, you will need to possibly contact the Alabama Department of Revenue office directly.

  21. Fay says:

    My state refund was accepted in March. I actually do income taxes myself and E-filed my taxes for direct deposit. I called the state finally and they said it had been approved in April but they did not know when it would go out. This was the beginning of November. The lady told me to be patient because they were running behind. It’s almost time to file again. This is absurd! If I owed them, they would be hounding me. I check the site every day and now wonder if by checking the site, the 8-10 weeks remain the same and they continue to add 8-10 weeks. LOL I wonder how many other Alabamians still await their refund.

  22. Terry says:

    Filed in March 2013… was asked to provide additional divorce decree documents over alimony deducted… in July… it is now January 2014 and I still have not heard another peep.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Terry,

      I suggest contacting the IRS directly about this situation. Since the call volume at this time of year is exceptionally higher than normal, I suggest waiting until the tax season comes to a close or contacting your local IRS office.

  23. Jackie says:

    I filed my Alabama taxes on Feb.1 2016 electroniclly and it is now March 8 and they tell me the same thing that’s it’s still being processed. When I called they say they didn’t see any problems so why is it still taking so long?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Jackie,

      The processing stage does not necessarily mean that something is wrong with your return. Unfortunately, the time frame depends on how many returns are being submitted daily for Alabama and the review time of each one. You can check back daily to their online tool for status updates.

  24. kevin says:

    I filed my taxes on the 26 of January, then on my due date I called an they said that they were reviewing my taxes and it will take an additional 45 days to receive either a letter or my taxes. Now that puts me in a situation of waiting till April 21st. When does this stop. And can I charge interest on my delayed tax refund

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Unfortunately, the IRS has the right to delay your refund for additional review without penalty. Although there is no way to 100% prevent this from occurring in future tax years, you can update your W-4 form so that not as much of your income is being withheld for taxes and you won’t be left waiting for a significant refund after filing. Instead, you will receive more in each paycheck throughout the year.

  25. sybil perry says:

    I prepared my taxes at the end of January, i have received my federal but not my state. I would like to know why i have not received my state yet.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Sybil,

      Your federal return and your state return are processed through two different entities which is why you receive your refund or any status updates at different times. Your federal is processed through the IRS while your state return is processed through your state department. I suggest giving your state department a call directly or checking the status of your state return online.

  26. Robert says:

    I had to mail my Alabama return in, which was done January 29, 2016, I checked the status today & it said it was approved March 15, 2016 and I would “receive my refund by business course” what does that mean??

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Robert,

      This simply means that you will receive your refund in the typical time frame that it takes for taxpayers in your situation. Tax offices will generally not give you a specific delivery day since this depends on other factors such as the postal service (for checks) and your bank clearing time (for direct deposit).

  27. Sabrina says:

    On the website where’s my alabama return it says that my return was issued on March 15th 2016 an if I chose direct deposit then to give an 5 days an if I chose paper check 7 to 10 days. I chose direct deposit an it’s March 21, 2016 an I still have no deposit in my account. Do you know if there is a reason it would not be in my account yet…..

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Sabrina,

      Since the state has already issued your refund, I strongly suggest contacting your bank. It is suggested to allow several additional business days to see your direct deposited refund. This time typically allows the bank to clear the amount. It is possible that your bank requires more than 5 business days.

  28. Sherrie says:

    I filed my state tax the first of February, still haven’t received it. Why is it taking so long to get my state check. I e-filed it but wanted a paper check, can anyone tell me does that take long?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Sherrie,

      Since this is happening to more than a handful of taxpayers this year, we took a look into what could be causing the delays. Apparently, certain states are taking extra precautions this year to ensure that no fraudulent activity is taking place. Check out more information about it HERE.

  29. Chad meharg says:

    We electronically our taxes on January 27. We have still not received our check. We check and it said it was received and approved. So when can we expect to received it. People that have filed in the last month have already gotten their check.

  30. Julie Gunn says:

    My refund was approved on the 18th of this month. I am having direct deposited. How long after its approved should I see it in my bank?

    • Once your state approves your refund, you can expect your direct deposit within the next few days. You can call your bank to see if they have a pending deposit for you. Further, you can also contact your state to confirm that they actually released your money and the time it is expected to be disbursed.

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