Where Is My NY State Tax Refund?

Posted by on February 11, 2013
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Where Is My NY State Tax Refund?

Find out when you should receive your 2012 New York state tax refund

Are you still waiting on a tax refund from New York state? You can check the status of your state refund online by using the Income Tax Refund Status tool on the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance website. If you prefer to use the phone you can also check the status of your refund by calling 518-457-5149.

These days you can expect your federal refund from the IRS in under twenty-one days. In some cases they are even fast enough to get your money out in a week. State operations are not quite so sophisticated.

New York says to expect your refund six to eight weeks after they receive your return. As with federal taxes, the fastest way to get your refund is by e-filing your return and then requesting your refund by direct deposit. Mailing your return in to the tax office and requesting a paper check will both slow down the refund process.

If you really want to know when you’ll get your refund the moment that information become available, you can sign up to receive an email from New York State as soon as they process your return. The message will include the amount of your refund, the expected payment date, and the payment method. In order to receive this email, you have to sign up through the online services.

The best advice I can give when it comes to tax refunds is just to be patient – this advice holds true for your federal taxes but it’s even more true at the state level. Government isn’t known as a model of efficiency. Checking your refund status twelve times a day isn’t going to get your money any faster, but it might make the state’s refund status tool crash.

Just as a reminder for all of you who haven’t filed yet, the deadline for filing your 2012 New York state tax return in April 15, 2013, the same as it is for your federal return. File your taxes with RapidTax now and you can take care of your state and federal return at the same time.

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246 Responses to “Where Is My NY State Tax Refund?”

  1. cantrish taylor says:

    Wheres my refund

  2. Patricia says:

    Where is my ny state tax refund

  3. Marvalene Spruiel-Clark says:

    Where is my NYState tax refund?

  4. dawn says:

    I signed up for them to let me know via email when it is available. But whats up with this generic message alot of us seem to be getting with the “needed further review, 60 day ” message ? I spoke with a very nice gentleman there and they said alot of people ARE getting that message but not to be concerned. Anyone else having this issue? I filed through a CPA and my daughter who did it herself using TT already got hers and we filed the exact same time =/

  5. Blech says:

    Looks like NYS is broke. They gladly over-taxed us and probably believed their own fairly tale economic reports, and now that it’s time to pay us back they are wasting time. Hopefully it doesn’t get to the levels of SS and other items people pay into and then are called “entitlements” when the government has to actually pay out.

  6. Robin m Badger says:

    Its been 4week wheres my state tax

  7. KIM says:

    Yes I’m still getting the under review message since feb 4th. Its been 30 days, I’ve received no corrospondence and can’t get a straight answer fome anybody. This makes NYS look awful. Are thye really that broke!

    • Helena says:

      I filed on feb. 11 I’m am still waiting. It has been over 2 months, no notice or corrospondence, and no updates. My status has been the same “in review for 90 days”.

      • Tax Advisor says:

        Hello Helena,

        The IRS recommends that you contact them about your refund if it has been more than 21 days since you e-filed your return or 6 weeks since you have paper-filed your return.

  8. Cindy says:

    Was suppose to get a nys card mailed to me on the first that I didnt ask for..still waiting ;(

  9. laurie says:

    I got the same message i no people who filed weeks after me and already got theres i get you have been excepted and need further reveiving its been sence jan and havent gottin it yet

  10. Claire says:

    I have mailed it for more than 5 weeks, but the status is always “we have not got any information about your tax return”, is it often happens or maybe my mail was lost and they really haven’t got it? I am really worried and wondering whether I need to e-file it again

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Claire,

      In this case the best thing to do is probably to call them and ask what they suggest. In the future you might consider e-filing so you can know right away that they received your return.

  11. delva says:

    why does it take 6/8 weeks for the state to make a dd ? what kind of workers&computers are they using?

  12. vrina says:

    Filed 2 feb 13, recd federal refund still waiting for ny state. Trying to be patient but I have bills to pay. So much for efile being fast. Each year it seems to be getting slower and slower. First msg said it needed further review and to respond to correspondence if recd for about 3 weeks, then changed to say it is in final stage of processing which could take 2-4 wks, well 2 wks have passed. still no change. My patience is past…it is ridiculous, this is our money, not the states. I am beginning to think an individual had better change their deductions to pay as little tax as possible and then send it if you owe. If the states are broke it is time we quit paying the salaries of these deadbeat politicians!!!!

    • ginger says:

      I sooo agree with you! I too e filed my state return Jan 25, its been received but has been in the “may need further review” status ever since. I have called 3 x, and they just tell me the same thing it says. Cannot even tell me why, if theres a problem, or what. Its very un nerving and annoying. They dont have the right to keep people just hanging with no word. They dont have the right to hold onto money that not theirs.

  13. Richie says:

    I amm expecting a check for over payment I wants to know how long it going to take.

  14. Timmy says:

    Claire, I also mailed my return on Feb 1 and the status tool gives me the same message. You’re not the only one. I think the NYS tax office is going to take a long time getting caught up processing the returns so the info we see probably isn’t the most up to date/accurate. I agree that you should call the tax office first and see what they suggest. I’ve already decided that’s what I’m going to do if I continue to get the same message from the online status tool.

    I mailed a paper return instead of efiling b/c I was able to prepare and efile my federal return for free, but I didn’t qualify for free state tax prep and e-file. Instead of paying the fee for state prep and file, I just did the return myself b/c it was simple enough. I think what I should have done was mailed my return by certified mail so I would get confirmation that it was received. I will know better next time.

  15. David says:

    I mailed my state tax return in the middle of January and the refund status still says they have no information. I called them on Feb. 15 and they said they were having trouble updating the status and that i should call back in 30 days.

  16. ashley says:

    I e filed my NYS tax return on Feb 11th and received a dd date of march 1st from the NYS website and it is now march 16th and still nothing! Anyone else having this issue? It is really worrying me…

  17. Debbie says:

    I efiled 7 weeks ago with direct deposit and nys website still has no info on my refund..why is that

  18. Marie says:

    I have filed my NYS tax return since Feb 20th and still no word, and have been going online, and keep getting the same update, what is going on? I have never gone through this before. I have a plan vacation, and was looking forward to my money, and my vacation is only weeks away. The state knows how to take money from you, but giving back is so hard for them to do. We as a people can’t do anything about it. So unfair.

  19. Dominique says:

    David, Claire and Timmy – Although it’s a very frustrating situation, I am relieved to hear that other people are experiencing the same message. I mailed my return on January 27th and am still getting the “no information” message. I spoke to someone at the Tax department and they stated that they did not start inputting the information into the system until the end of January because they were waiting for a program update that caused a delay. He told me not to worry and he is confident they have it and that something should be showing up in the system in about 2 weeks or so which would put the date at approximately March 28th. My only guess is that those that filed early wound up at the bottom of the pile as they began creating stacks to finally input. I am still a bit worried but we shall see what happens. If nothing shows up I will call a few days before April 15th and ask if I should resend. Good luck.

  20. Emily305 says:

    I efiled both Federal and NYS returns on 1/11/13, Fed was accepted early on 1/28/13 and DD received on 2/5/13. NYS accepted on 2/4/13, online refund status continuously stated “Information Not Available Using This Service”, finally called on Monday and was told I was in the final stages of processing and should receive my refund in 2-4 weeks. Just got an email stating my “refund has been issued”, checked my online account and was given a date of 4/5/13. So hopefully all goes well and it comes on time, or even a bit early 🙂

  21. david says:

    I need to kown where is my new york state refund i did it wiht hr block and it was process on feb 21 2013

  22. tanisha smith says:

    I filed my taxes on feb.20th Ive called & still i haven’t got no date when i should receive@my refund but the representative is saying they are behind i never have had this happen to me before since Ive been filing my taxes

  23. AL K. HOLIC says:

    blame it on your gov……he needs the money for the bankrupt state

  24. Called says:

    If you have child care and or children as dependents, this is the delay. I spoke to them last week or the week before and they stated they were manually checking those but should be updating soon.

  25. sharmaine says:

    I never had to wait like this.This the first year this is crazy been saying the final stage for a week.

  26. Rita says:

    I mailed in my return on Feb 6th and the website still says they have no info.
    Very annoying.

  27. Rita says:

    Update: Did they know I complained here?
    My status is now: We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review.
    Glad I know I don’t have to resend it!

  28. denise north says:

    filled state tax sent in forms on jan 30th still have not received any thing please help got back federal a month ago

  29. Jay says:

    I filed my taxes on the first week of February, i got my Federal tax refund back two weeks later. Now i have checked the NYS taxation and finance computer and it say’s WE HAVE RECIEVED YOUR REFUND. IT REQUIRED FURTHER REVIEW, IF YOU RECIEVE CORRESPONDENCE FROM US PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATELY. Here iam still waiting on the computer to change the screen, people owe money NYS…Process our taxes, shame on you.

  30. Timmy says:

    Rita- glad yours is being processed, unfortunately mine still says they have no record. Hope that changes within the next few days!

  31. Dorothy says:

    Need to know when my state taxes will no longer be under review and date expected

  32. phil says:

    I filed mid January and still haven’t got anything, I can’t get ahold of any people with the numbers provided on your crap site. All I want to know is where is my money? I’m not in dire need of it, I just want to know. You civilians need to answer your phones or provide phone numbers that actually let me speak to anything but a damn computer.

  33. jake says:

    sent mine in on 2/7,up until last week I was getting they did not receive it,,,now I get the info I supply(ss #,refund total) do not match their records… cant get a human on the phone….get the same 300-350 refund every year…. whats up with this

  34. jay says:

    The State taxes take your money all year long without making any mistakes, yet when it comes to returning the over paymwnt they can’t do it on a timely manner. Taxes go up, food prices go up, train bus fares are up, the roads are atroches i can’t wait to get out of NYS..The city government can’t budget so they keep our taxes to make extra money on the interest. So who is going to give us interest on the money you held from us..

  35. sharmaine says:

    I sure this crazy I been waiting for my state for almost 2 months still saying final stage well hell hiw long do it take

  36. Ed says:

    I have a delivery confirmation from the US Post Office that states my return was in NY States hands Jan. 24th 2013. Over 60 days, and they are yet to enter it into the system!!!!! Same stupid msg,”we do not have any info”…. I have called 2 times only to get lied to. This is pretty simple NY STATE! It’s my money and I need it now. I live in a different state, and I have to pay them by April 15th. It would be nice to have my $2000 back from NY so I could do so.. My prediction is: after they finally enter my return , it will need further review and get held up for another 6-8 weeks! Should I drive to Albany and enter my own return for them?????

  37. kelvin say were s my money. says:


  38. Yvee80 says:

    Same waiting story here return was accepted 2/4 and we keep getting the same 60 day message and have not received any correspondences in the mail…what’s going on, we need this money!!!???

  39. Ray says:

    Wow, I though I was the only one waiting for the NYS tax refund, I mailed it early Feb, 2013 (Feb 7, 2013). Called at first week of March because the NYS tax website have no received information posted, was told by rep they’re way behind. I wonder if budget cut have to do anything with it. I mailed a second copy just in case both delivered. I feel a little relieved that I”m not the only one thats experience this. Hopefully, it take them so long that NYS will pay us for this long wait.

  40. H.Malcolm says:

    I mailed out my paper work for my refund February 1st, and to date I still haven’t received anything. It is now April 5, two months later.AAbsurd!

  41. Ed says:

    This is beyond forgivable! Going on three months since NY has had my return in hand! (U.S. Postal confirmation)..Will NYS pay my late fee’s and penalties to my home State when I’m late? Every time I call, they tell me a different lie! Not one update on the website, just the same”we do not have any info” message. Do they not think we are aware that every month they hold back millions in refunds due to hard working people, that they yield high interest on our money? If and when I hit the three month mark, I am driving to Albany with a News crew to demand my refund!!!! Should make for good TV…

  42. Tim says:

    My NYS Return was accepted 2/11 – the message on the site has consistently said “up to 60 days.” And today it now says “up to 90 days.” Bummer

  43. Serp says:

    I have a simple return (standard deduction, wage income, no business, no kids). I got the 60 day message but today it got changed to 90.

    Probably we need to all call our Senator and complain, and our local reps too if possible. That’s the only way to get things done. Personally I don’t “need” the money but it’s certainly helpful, as it can be used to pay down loans which charge my interest by the day.

    I will be moving to a state without a state tax in the near future. I was considering changing my tax forms to exempt for state, and just paying on April 15th. Haven’t done that but I should.

  44. Mickey says:

    Mailed my return Feb. 7 . Checked for the first time today and there is no information on my return, Got my Fed return a month ago. One more year till retirement and Im out of this state forever, Thank God!!!

  45. JOHN MINER says:


  46. Ashley says:

    I filed my taxes on the 16th of February. I then sent in my NY return because I moved out of state and for some reason Jackson Hewitt can’t electronically process it. I figured whatever, its only and extra couple of weeks right? No. Try two months! Honestly its a bit ridiculous. I’m tired of waiting for the money I earned.

  47. Allie says:

    I e-filed fed and mailed state. I got fed within two weeks. I mailed state first week of March and here we are MID APRIL and I still get the message that there are no records of my return. I was starting to panic and was going to resend it in the last possible day (the 15th) but now that I’ve seen this I’m going to relax a little. How crazy!!

  48. Dee says:

    I sent my paper refund in January and still dont have my refund i called and they said they excepted it 3/15/13 its been sitting on someone’s desk this long and now I have to wait 6 to 8 more weeks they suggested I e file which means pay and I refuse to give them any more of my money So they are making me pay for it by waiting UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Racheal says:

    I did my Taxes in Jan it is now going on the 3rd week in April and nothing. Several ppl i know that filed way after me recieved there state i need my money they give us a dead line April 15th we should give them a dead line for our money.. Its the same message

    I want my money

  50. sean torres says:

    barely can afford living in ny…was happy i actually qualified for $205 refund. as a non custodial parent i am required by ny state to mail my return…

    this was never the case before why now?

    anywho so yeah i actually filed federal in jan but it took forever to get a straight answer from hrblock online service which told me to keep check for the efile form to be made available…well it uh never was and i waa told bt their program that since i am a noncustodial parent i must mail my return…this after waiting for weeks of updates to supposedly have the form updloaded so i could efile…so on feb15 i mailed it away i am poor i could not afford postal confirmation….

    i call ny state irs and got someone who claimed they did recieve it system shows no status i am saddened that in a time when politicians claim stimulus is helpful and give all these banks, brokerage firms, insurance companies, and corporations billions in tax credits to the point where GE actually paid 0 tax but the refund i could supposed use to help spur the economy is not sent to me in a similar timely fashion as the previous 17 years. shame on you ny state my heart goes out to those who are needing these funds to help make short ends meet

  51. Desi says:

    I mailed my form Mar-15. Ever since the system says there is no information.
    5 weeks is too much time to enter the information into the system.

    When I called, I was told there is a hug backlog on all paper filed taxes. And there is no ETA.

  52. Sean Torres says:

    thanks for posting Desi i am mega frustrated just rang them n got nowhere i was told to allow another 4 weeks as it still does not show processing status omg

  53. Marquita says:

    I hate this state. All 25 years of my life I am pretty positive ive hated this state…Here I am worried that they’ve never received my paperwork in the mail because they haven’t had any info to tell me besides NO info on the refund status website. Even the computerized woman over the phone says the same thing the message says. Whats the point of her?? NYS should be ashamed for holding on to the hardworking men and womens’ money. But god forbid we ever owe them a dime all hell would break loose. I do not ride for my state one bit because they do not ride for me!

  54. Sean Torres says:

    Tell you what Marquita couldnt agree more and to those who would tell you well just leave NY then some of us are stuck here….

    I for one am desperately trying to escape!!!

    Marquita for some stupid reason if you “lie” imagine that lie and just get a live person on the phone they can confirm if they received your paperwork at least which might give you some peace of mind….I for one was counting on the usual time frame and I have now started spiraling into debt and starvation rations. Pretty terrible. I completely agree with you that it’s truly wrong as If I owed the state all sorts of nasty things would be done to me as a citizen…

    I mean seriously what recourse do we have none it appears….i’d complain to my congressman but I realize they are crooks and scoundrels….what a terrible terrible system….all this because of the computers really since they made so many changes the computers supposedly could not be updated in time causing many forms to not be available for efile…they had all year sorta makes you wonder if it was done deliberately

  55. Dominique says:

    For those of you that filed a joint return, if you have not already done so make sure you check under BOTH social security numbers when checking the Where Is My Refund website. One would assume that the State would register both numbers in the system since it is a joint return however, that is not the case. My number shows that they have no record of my return and we filed January 27th but they do show the return as processed and received under my husband’s number. And as a side note, we both had income to claim so it makes no sense. Will I now show no record of paying taxing!? Insane. Further, it has show the “two week but up to four week” statement for almost 6 weeks. It’s really a shame. The only advice, don’t spend your refund until you actually get it.

  56. Dominique says:

    Just a quick correction – I should have said no record of “filing taxes”, not “paying” since they owe me. I imagine if I did owe that check would have been cashed January 28th!!!

  57. evelyn garrido says:

    where is my refund taxes it is more the month and didnt recived any information about you. Pliase where is my refund.

  58. Kelly says:

    Can anyone tell me where I can get the telephone number to the finance and taxation department to speak to a live representative. Everytime I call it is voice automated and I cannot speak to anyone in regards to my taxes. Can someone please post the telephone number where I can speak to someone in person. I sent in my taxes on March 22 and I got the same message saying that my taxes are being reviewed. if someone could post the telephone number it would be appreciated.

  59. Gomez says:

    I sent my forms in on February 1st, they were received a week later, now after 14 weeks of waiting I called and was informed I must wait another 6-8 more weeks for my check? Are they kidding me? Jesus, if they don’t have the personnel to review these forms and need to provide others with a job please let me know so I can take the next plane out to Albany and get a better paying job than the one I have here in NYC.

  60. Victoria says:

    I am in the same boat. I paper filed 1/31 and it took over two months to even get a message on the NYS Refund website. Then when they finally did post something it gave me a number to call, only to find out that I was being audited!

    Now I have been waiting for my husband’s to go through, which was sent out March 20th… and still no information.

    I just can’t believe how long and ridiculous all of this is! I wouldn’t be stressing this if I didn’t need the money, but I do! And the fact that we have waited so long is just shameful.

  61. Kevin says:

    wait a little longer 9 weeks for me and still no info

  62. Nicole says:

    i was accepted from nys on 2/16 my first message was the 60 day review message until day 54 then its chnaged to the 90 day review message …..Has anyone who had the 90 day review message receive there return yet

  63. Timmy says:

    I mailed my paper return Feb 1st and just today the status changed to “received but under review”. And that may take up to another 6 weeks! Well at least I know they have it.

  64. George says:

    They received mine certified mail March 2nd. Still no update on the website.

  65. Ashley says:

    Well, it is now May and STILL nothing. Last time I checked there Were many more than 4 weeks between Feb 16th and May 1st. Online site has no new info and that ridiculous automated service is frustrating me. How do I get a hold of an actual person? This is ridiculous.

  66. kristi says:

    I emailed my return on Feb 8, I was informed they recd it but it would take 60 days blah blah blah then in april it swtched to 90 days. I have called numerous times and they tell me they have no info. I have info for this ridiculous State. First of all the money they spend on these ppl telling us nothing, could perhaps pay quite a few people there refunds. second, i would like to know when is the states dam deadline to pay us what rightfully belongs to us and if they cant pay our refunds on time maby they shouldnt spend it in the first place. Third the wonderful government doesnt care about any of us cause they dont have money problems like some of us do. Ttherefore they just put everyone off with no answers and some of us have one income and children and need there refund. Maby the spineless jelly fish should dig into there own pockets and refund our money already, or pay the interest they owe yeah right such bs.

  67. Harold says:

    It is just amazing how the government operates. They take your money immediately, but they sure know to take their sweet in giving a refund. Something gotta give. I filed taxes paper file return in mid Feburary, here it is 10 weeks later and no clue on the refund. Who can I contact to see what is happening?

  68. Nicole says:

    Kristi ……Im in the same boat as you but mine was filed on 2/16 so im a week behind . Last year i got it back the 3rd week in feb a week after my federal . Ive called numerous times and get no where they say there isnt anything I can do until after the 90 days . Just hoping that after the 90 days it doesn’t turn to another 30 more .

  69. Kelly says:

    I also received the message that my taxes were under review. That the process will take two to four weeks. I just checked the online site again today and now it says that my refund is in the final stage of processing give two to four weeks. What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that the review is over and a check will be issued? I am sitting here very confused and frustrated. Please help;)

  70. kristi says:

    nicole……. ill keep you posted, at this point I dont expect it for awhile and everyday I get madder and madder its so wrong how they pick and choose people to get there refund and of course im last as usual. I hope you all have better luck than I do…. they did the same to me the last two years.

  71. Jennifer says:

    Hi Jake,

    I sent my NY tax return in a few days after yours. I checked the “refund status” almost every week and initially, it said “no information….”. I waited and gave it a few more weeks before I checked again. Around early April, the “refund status” was also telling me that “THE INFO I ENTERED DOES NOT MATCH THEIR RECORDS…” and was asking me to verify my SS and exact amount of refund. It has been like that since. I thought that I was the only one that got this strange message and it is a consolation to me that I am not alone. I called them 3 times to make sure they have received my return and each time I was told that it was being processed and there was no problem with my tax return. The advice each time was to check back in 2 weeks. It will be 90 days come May 13th.

    Isn’t this awful? If we owe them money, they are so quick to get it from us and add the interest if not paid within a certain amount of time. Now that they owe us money (and it is our money not theirs), they can delay it and it is legal in some sense because they are the government. It is just not right but how do we fight “city hall”?

    If you want to speak to a alive person call the info center at (518) 457-5181 although whoever you speak to will not be able to give you any info on when you will be receiving your refund as was my experience. Follow the prompt #3 for personal income tax questions; again #3 for All others; then #2 for All personal questions. I will probably call them again when my 90th day comes up. It has been extremely frustrating!

  72. walter says:

    I have mailed out my NY state tax return on Feb.2….and still no check or response….12 weeks is way to long for a return…when i owed the state even a couple dollars they were sending me letters weekly demanding payment….This state is a mess…I cant wait to move elsewhere.

    • Nancy says:

      Very typical of New York …they hang onto your money when they owe it to you , but want to be paid immediately if it’s the other way around

  73. kristi says:

    walter, I agree with you this is so wrong to do to people and I too cant wait to get out of new York………………………

  74. Nicole says:

    On another site there have been a few people that have it 90 days now and it never progressed to the next step …..just still says 90 days for them …… this is like never ending

  75. melissa says:

    i filed my taxes on 2/1/13 and its 5/7 havent recieved my sate taxes. first its says under review 60…days then 90 days . now it says its under final review WTF. i want my money

  76. Sean Torres says:

    It’s the wait that doesn’t end…it goes on and on my friends and since ny state is broke they delay delay delay what more else can I say…so we continue waiting although it doesn’t and as though we they owe no money the state goes on to pretend and it goes on and on my friends a dead beat state until our ends and if i owed a dime you know they would imprison us so very quick we see but if they owe a fee we have no reprieve the wait just goes on and on my friends and we’ll keep waiting till the end some folks sent their papers in jan thinking that they would get a nice check soon only to continue waiting in this state waiting for thier doom it just goes on and on my friends with the state waiting for an end…

  77. Bob says:

    Over 100 days (3+ months) that my return has been in their hands.. Website still says ,”No info avail”????? When I call they lie and say they have it and to call back in two weeks…. For what? Just send my refund!!! It’s NOT your money New York State!

  78. helene remy says:

    its now been 2 months since i mailed my tax returm can somebody tell if you even received and or where is my my money

  79. Nicole says:

    Bob- Call the nys tax advocate when its hit 4 months ….I will hit 90 days on the next wednesday so there is nothing i can do until then.

  80. Bob says:

    Thanks Nicole, I will. I just got off the phone with an agent who claims it could be another 8 weeks or more… I don’t even have words to descibe my anger.. We are heading towards 4 months, and all they can say is they are backed up???? Is this the first year NY has had to issue refunds? What interest rate does NYS get for 4 months of holding Billions of other peoples money?? I guess they feel the economy is strong, and people don’t need their money in a timely fasion!

  81. Nicole says:

    This is he 1st year ive had a problem I usually get it about 2 weeks after federal . I was shocked when this happened because I was really depending on it but they way its looking I doubt I will have mine by next thursday. So im going to call them and have them do an inquiry and then by 4 months nothing im contacting the nys tax advocate and have them help me .

  82. Rita says:

    Saw the refund in my bank account this morning. Meaning I mailed it on Feb 6th and got my money on May 13th.
    Others still waiting: slowly but surely, we’ll all get the refunds. Sucks that this process is frustrating as hell.

  83. Nicole says:

    Rita , did you have the 90 day review message ?

  84. Sean Torres says:

    yay for rita!

  85. Nicole says:

    Congrats Rita!!!! Well I called because it is 90 days and they have now put an inquiry in and told me I can call back if I dont hear anything in the next 30 days . I dont know whats going to happen now I guess after 30 days i will contacting tax advocate for help with this because if there hasnt beeen any change since feb i dont see them moving any faster now thats theres and inquiry

  86. Kim says:

    Can’t get my refund info online or by telephone. ” Your information does not match our records”. Is there a PERSON I can talk to??

  87. jenn says:

    thats because they are still collecting interest on our money once they give us our money there goes the interest it was accumulating for them and while on their own our refund dont collect much if you add everyones together its a pretty penny

  88. Kelly says:

    My last posting was May 3rd stating that my refund was in the final stage of processing. About five days later I got a message saying that my check will be mailed on May 13th. I just received my refund check today and its May 15th. I honestly thought that I was not going to receive my refund. To my surprise I did receive it today. To all those people still waiting to get their refund hang in there I’m sure it’s coming. Good luck to everyone.

  89. Dwan says:

    Was told my paperwork was received March 17th…today is May 16th…still have not received anything. if I owed them, I bet $$$ I would received a notice weeks ago….

  90. Nicole says:

    Dwan—-I was recieved 2/26 and have passed the 90 day review message and all they siad they can do was put an inquiry in which can take another 30 days and thats not even guaranteed

  91. Nicole says:

    Dwan meant accepted 2/16

  92. Jennifer says:

    Hello All,

    Just wanted to let you all know that I finally got my refund after a little over 90 days. I believe that they are starting to process all of the refunds and all of you guys who were waiting for so long will finally get it. This has been pretty stressful and will finally be over. If they go over 45 days after the due date or date submitted whichever is later, they will have to pay interest.

    Hang in tight and this will be over soon.

  93. Nicole says:

    Jennifer – did you efile and what date were you accepted or did you mail yours in ?

  94. Desi says:

    Paper filed on 05/15. There is no information yet in the system.

    I called them today one more time. I was told they have delays for 3 months or more; and since this is the first time I have filed taxes NY state, it might take more time 🙁

    I have also registered for e-mail notification. Any idea if those alerts works? Did anyone get alerts when their return is entered into the system or completes processing and refund is issued?

  95. Nicole says:

    Im registered for the online service and have had no alerts at all ….the only way it shows anything is when i go under the basic check your refund status which says its under for review which can take up to 90 days which I have already passed the 90 days . Now i have to wait another 30 day for the inquiry before I can call them if I still dont get my refund

  96. Desi says:

    Thanks Nicole.

    A correction in my earlier post – I did filed my tax on 03/15 (and not 05/15). It has been 2 months yet and I guess I need to wait for at least one month yet, to see any information into the system.

  97. Sean Torres says:

    Planned Outage: May 23 — May 28, 2013
    This service will be unavailable beginning approximately 7:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, May 23, 2013 until approximately 5:00 a.m. ET on Tuesday, May 28, 2013, due to several factors, including scheduled maintenance.


  98. John says:

    NY should be ashamed of themselves. This is 2013 – nothing should take 3 months to process Did the # of tax payers quadruple last year ?? I think not.

  99. Nicole says:

    Sean…is this on nys website

  100. Nicole says:

    John- I couldn’t agree more with you . Today is a week past 90 days for me and I have an inquiry they put on it and still no updates. If it it the 4 month im contacting the nys tax advocate because there should be no reason i should be waiting so long for a refund that hasnt changed in the last 5 years .

  101. kristi says:

    I filed on Feb 8, and was put thru the sixty day hold then the ninety day hold and this morning I got a message saying its in the processing stage and could be another two to four weeks. Is this state a dam joke or what, it takes two to four weeks to now process my earned money I have had enough now…………………………………………………..

  102. Bob says:

    Nicole- I contacted the NYS tax advocates, and nothing yet! I’m 120 days (4 months) since NYS accepted my return.. I think I’m going to file in small claims for $5000. Pain and suffering! etc. etc……. I’m tired of the B S excuses when I call. 4 months is beyond understandable wheather they have a new system in place or not! It’s pretty simple, THEY DON’T HAVE THE MONEY TO REFUND US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Bob says:

    “We do not have any information about your return at this time. If you filed your return electronically, please wait one week before accessing this service. If you mailed Your return, it could take four or more weeks from the time you filed before this service is able to provide you with information on your return.” ………………………………………………………………………………………………
    4 or more weeks? It’s been 4 MONTHS! How could I not be entered in the system after such a long time?

  104. Nicole says:

    Kristi , Did you put an inquiry in at all or it chnaged automatically over the the 2-4 week processing.

    Bob- I cant believe its been that long for you . I really dont think ill have mine back either the way this is going .

  105. kristi says:

    Nicole, it changed automatically yesterday but I have been waiting since February 8. If it takes that long to deposit money into my account there’s a problem. It will be 4 months I have been waiting for my own money but yet if I owed the state money they would want it right away such bs.

    Bob, I agree with you this is not okay and I don’t like the fact that the state can issue our own money they spent whenever they feel like it and we cannot do anything about it. I even foiled for information as to why the long hold up and they sent me a letter stating I could not foil for information concerning refunds. Really it’s my dam money………………………………….

  106. kristi says:

    Bob, maybe we should all sue the state and see how they like that but im sure we cant do that either. Sorry but some people have family and children and need there return back ASAP not when the state wants toooooo………………………………………..

  107. Sean Torres says:

    nicole something funny that message flash very quickly while i did my daily check and then it did not return…i would actually take it as a good sign that this weekend they plan on uploading an update to the database…

    you cannot sue these scoundrels i am afraid the courts are not our friends in these matters…

    it is simply very frustrating….the main reason why being if i am late in paying the state i have seen what can happen ugh…

  108. Nicole says:

    Kristi- I was waiting since the 2/16 so maybe mine will chnage over next week at least im hoping since yours was accepted the week before me… I had them put the inquiry in but I think thats bs im sure it doesnt even do anything . Im just really fed up at this point I dont know what the hold up all they say is there moving slower this year and im like why lol and the lady just repeated the same thing . I just find is completely ridiculous . My brother and sister both got theres in the end of february why was mine held up

  109. Nicole says:

    Hey guys looks like a lot of the 2/8 people who were past 90 days changed to the processing yesterday .

  110. kristi says:

    Nicole- My message changed again I checked it yesterday it now states I will receive my refund by June 3rd. Im hoping its June and not July but at least theres a change and hopefully for all of us i will keep you posted…………………………………..

  111. Nicole says:

    Kristi- Thats great news !!!!! Someone on the turbotax site also received the same message as you and he was also accepted on 2-8 and got his dd date also…..So hoping things are turning around and the rest of us will start to get a change soon

  112. Kay says:

    I’ve been waiting for a large refund since I paper filed my return on March 15. It is totally unacceptable for the state to hold on to what’s rightfully mine for over 60 days already with no explanation or acknowledgement of their even receiving the return. I am going to see if I can contact a NYS representative. It’s ridiculous.

  113. MeMe says:

    Even though some have waited over 6-8 weeks for the refund. I was under the impression that the State has to pay interest if the refund goes beyond 8 weeks, if it is the State’s fault. Does anyone know about it?

  114. Andrew says:

    It is normal that such delays make taxpayers angry. One way to decrease the impact of such a delay on our daily lives is to try to decrease the amount of the refund we expect. There are a few options available, for example methods related to federal and state withholding, tax rates and adjusted gross income thresholds, investments, medical costs and retirement planning. If anyone’s interested more info on this can be found here: http://www.prestinaegele.com/using-your-2012-tax-year-return-to-plan-for-the-future

    Hope it helps 🙂
    Andrew W.

  115. Sean Torres says:

    kay please don’t get mad at me but i know my refund wasn’t big but i still counted on it and it totally screwed me…so i am just wanting to be helpful…based on the march 15th date and the fact that you mailed it it appears you could easily have another 30 days of waiting so i just thought you should know if you can i would actually recommend e-filing anyway if the funds are needed i have read of others getting their refunds turned around quickly that way but it’s not a guarantee….snail mailing them def means a wait….

    if you contact a nys rep it seems fruitless though they appear to be able to confirm receipt i too think this is totally bogus but it seems the gov can do this to us and not vice versa…sorta reminds me of the days before the french revolution

  116. Nicole says:

    Kay – I agree with Sean your going to have a little bit of wait with a mailed in return….Efiling supposedly speeds things up but not in my case and some others who have been waiting since feb … I actually faxed tax advocate today because mine is almost 4 month and nothing has changed so i hoping maybe they can look into whats going on

  117. Desi says:

    Those who got their refunds late (45+ days after due date / filing date) – did you get interest on the refund?

    For me, it has been 2.5 months and there is still no information in the system. I believe it will be few more months before I get my money back.

    I hope I get it with interest.

  118. AngryGirl says:

    e-filed on 2/19, been the same message for three months…called them last week to ask if i’m being audited they say no. asked them for any status updates: none. asked when i should call back: 4 more weeks. I want my interest starting today. wanted to pay for summer courses with that money. i am sooo leaving ny next summer–too expensive, too much bureaucracy, and too “name brand” for my taste. everything costs more because there’s a new york stamp of approval on it? gtfoh.

  119. Nicole says:

    Finally is chnaged this morning no more 90 day message – We received your return and it’s in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks….i think from what i seen with the rest this part moves much faster

  120. Nicole says:

    just wondering did anyone get interest on the refund that was waiting since february ?

  121. Sean Torres says:

    i would liken getting interest from ny state on this akin to receiving blood from a stone…

    Yay Nicole I hope in your case this means the wait is almost over!

    AngryGirl as someone who grew up in Manhattan and now resides in the beautiful Hudson valley area of NY NY isn’t all that bad but aye it is mucho expensivo especially if you are a student…and you hit the nail on the head terrible needless bureaucracy i saw an news cast recently about how many American students actually attend Canadian universities due to the high costs of American education…very troubling…also now to go too off topic of the thread but i am cringing on the Obama care fiasco i work for a small company which does not offer benefits so i am forced to take out a plan or pay a tax penalty i can see it now…i will supposedly have a subsidy to offset this new expenditure but when i call the health insurance company they will probably go “sorry sir we did not receive the tax credit as of yet” can you imagine? Hopefully they are giving the civil servants some doubletime pay to catch up we can only hope…

    • E. Robinson says:

      Nope these corrupt individuals are like mob. The only way to bring back the old America is Arm ourselves. 1000000 New Yorkers march on Albany Armed Side by side our National Guard brothers in arms then I think the Devils will be Humbled. Otherwise we will continue to be robbed.

  122. MeMe says:

    As I said about the interest if refunds are late…you should read this article and then check by calling NYS Taxiation to see if your refund will include interest because they are releasing the refund beyond 45 days. Cut and paste this into your browser for additional information: http://www.trustedprofessional.com/2013/03-march/ezine/stories/refunds.html

  123. Sean Torres says:

    Thank you meme after reading the link my suspicions are confirmed in my case this is the legalese they use against me:

    “However, it won ‘t pay interest on the portion of a refund that is attributed to the real property tax credit, earned income credit, child or dependent care credit, college tuition credit, farmer’s school tax credit or City of New York school tax credit.”

    I fall into that category…I swear like blood from a stone…but the post is enlightening thanks…sadly interest is pegged at 2% i believe from reading that chart?

    I could care less about interest myself I personally think our whole system is upside down…I don’t believe in usury I don’t find it to be christian…what bugs me is if the state gives one a timeframe they pretty much expect you to honor it…under penalty of privilege revocation or incarceration or freezing of funds…but if they don’t honor a timeframe they get away with the above sad really….

  124. Nicole says:

    Has anyone here recieved there refunds back earliar the the direct deposit date given

  125. Monique Derrick says:

    Hi I mailed my new york state tax completed tax form IT 201 2012 on April 14,2012. I still have not receive my refund check .
    I checked the income tax status refund tool. The response is they cannot locate.

    Please assist me in this matter

    Monique Derrick

  126. Bob says:

    Monique— No offense, but some of us are still waiting over 4 months…. Just call them. It wont help, but call.

  127. Nicole says:

    Bob- has anything changed on your status

  128. Nicole says:

    Kristi – Did you receive you refund on 6/3

  129. Kristina says:

    Ugh, mailed out our refund back during the first week of March, because for some reason we couldn’t e-file. Later, a rep told me that that was due to their software issues, which caused compatibility and submission issues with some software, including HR Block.

    The system still says they have no information. This is bananas! Now I’ on hold, and the estimated wait time is 25 minutes. Err, New York State, you’re killing me here! We’re waiting on almost $3,000, and that’s not including the interest we’re supposedly entitled to.

  130. Bob says:

    NO change on status. No response from my faxed complaint to the taxpayer rights advocate, and no solid answer from NYS other than, “We have your return.It takes at least 8 weeks”. I didn’t have the heart to tell them again, that it has been 17 weeks!

  131. Sean Torres says:

    i actually had a change in status but now i weep for it appears i am being audited…i have no clue now says

    “We received your return and it required further review. While most returns are reviewed within 4 weeks, it may take up to 6 weeks to complete our review.”

    lol this is since 02/15 oh well looks like maybe mid july for me niiiice

    [the drop-ship crashes]
    Hudson: Well that’s great, that’s just fuckin’ great, man. Now what the fuck are we supposed to do? We’re in some real pretty shit now man…
    Hicks: Are you finished?

    Ripley: How long after we’re declared overdue can we expect a rescue?
    Hicks: [pause] Seventeen days.
    Hudson: Seventeen *days?* Hey man, I don’t wanna rain on your parade, but we’re not gonna last seventeen *hours!* Those things are gonna come in here just like they did before. And they’re gonna come in here…
    Ripley: Hudson!
    Hudson: …and they’re gonna come in here AND THEY’RE GONNA GET US!
    Ripley: Hudson! This little girl survived longer than that with no weapons and no training.
    [to Newt]
    Ripley: Right?
    [Newt apes a salute]
    Hudson: Why don’t you put her in charge?
    Ripley: You better just start dealing with it, Hudson! Listen to me! Hudson, just deal with it, because we need you and I’m sick of your bullshit.

  132. ana says:

    did anyone has “you check is schedule to be mail on (may 13) and havent recived yet,cause thats my case,.What to do in this case if the phone that appears on the site is automated?

  133. wes says:

    Filed 2/13 , still have 90 day message. I have tried calling the 518 number , always busy. I had beetter have interest taxed on to what they owe me.

  134. nicole says:

    Sean- Have you called them i was accepted on 2/16 and finally changed over form the 90 day message to the 2-4 weeks finall processing on 5/30…..maybe they just inputed the wrong message for you. i would call them and also fax over the form to the tax advocate because it been 4 months they may be able to speed it up for you

  135. Sean Torres says:

    this morning i woke up to “We received your return and it’s in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.” which is promising…i am going to patiently wait…as i have been…what kills me is have the simplest return one w2 nothing fancy going on when i saw i had to wait for review i am just like really? 2weeks sounds good though…makes ya wonder if that was a human or a machine that changed my status…

    lets watch…

  136. Nicole says:

    Sean – Good luck this part is suppose to move fast from what ive seen lol i let you know if i get a dd date soon

  137. MeMe says:

    The man power up in Albany is little to few (whatever that is) people. Though NYState has one of the sophisticated processing in the country, because of shortened work hours, they lagging big time in paper process and still claims manual labor is not the problem…errors is. Here’s what’s up…if you filed by E…you probably got one of two things 1) your refund or 2) a letter saying you have errors. If there are any errors, whatsoever, your paperwork goes to the bottom of the stack (8 weeks) or more until resolved. That electricronic “refund status” crap is just that…crap….a human actual have to click something on their computer when they have reviewed your refund process is completed and a machine will click when your refunds goes out the door. None of it is done in alphabetical order.

  138. Johanna says:

    I have been waiting for my state check since March they sent me a form and twice I have mailed it to the irs they say they didnt receive the 1st one and the secound form still they havent received! This is some real bull!!!!!

  139. Nicole says:

    Sean- just got another update that i will have a direct deposit in my account on 6/10 …so its looks like its took about 4 business days from when i got final processing to change to a dd date

  140. Sean Torres says:

    ah nicole you are the nicest person you as well Meme i sure hope so…milk and cereal here i come!

  141. Steve says:

    Mailed my IT-203 Non Resident tax return in on Jan. 26th, there is still no info. aon NYS website that they received it. I called and
    spoke to someone (518-457-5181) 4 weeks ago and at that time they told me to allow another 6 – 8 weeks. What a bunch of BULL.
    This is so frustrating as I am getting a large refund back.

  142. Sean Torres says:

    yes it is total bs i would complain to my advocate or my state senator or other representatives but i strongly feel the system is broken i distrust them all…just wait till next year if you don’t have medical insurance, like me, it is going to get real interesting…i can imagine as a non resident this would be rather absurd….

  143. Henry says:

    I mailed mine in April 15th. System has no record. They’ve lost my mom’s return before. I am afraid this is going to happen to me.

  144. nicole says:

    sean- got my refund deposited today 1.01 interest lol

  145. Leslie says:

    I’m just so upset because this is just all bs!! I want my money.. I filed in Feb, got my federal on time and then my state refund is still under review…. Now I check online and it says

    “Information about this return is not available using this service. Please call 518-457-5149.”

    IS anyone else getting this message??

  146. Dwan says:

    Just hung up with them (my paper returned was received 3/16). According to the rep they just started the returns they received in March, only explnation…backlog of paper return…what a joke!

    Call 518-457-5181…only ush option #3, then #3, then #2 if you want to speak to someone…wait time was almost 30 mins…don’t know why it’s so long, it’s not like they are processing anyone’s returns…

  147. Sean Torres says:

    Nicole I am so happy for you! hey a dollar will buy you well almost nothing these days but still it’s a dollar and you got it from them looks like 6/17 is my big day and I’ll be getting about a dollar worth of interest as well lol

  148. Derronda Smith says:

    I mailed my state on the 15 of april and every time I check it ,on the state site it says have no information.how do I make sure they received it.

  149. tavia kimbrough says:

    I still hav not mines yet it just said it was close on june 9th wat does it means

  150. Leslie says:

    I just called and they told me that the 90 day time frame was just pushed back to 120 days!!! WTF man!!! this is ridiculous!!!

    Sean, how lond did you have to wait for you to get your refund?

  151. Tiffany says:

    I just called and talked to someone and they told me that it would be at lest 8 weeks for anyone that paper filed. (I mailed mine out in march… they received it but have not even started processing it yet.

  152. Kay says:

    I have been waiting 114 days and today the system

    Say return process you will get a response from us in 10 days so I don’t know when I am getting my money lol
    I just don’t know anymore with this state you cannot owe them because they will
    Take everything from you , but you have wait for your hard earn money with no
    Interest after waiting so long to hear bullshit

  153. tavia kimbrough says:

    They said my claim was close on june 9 th wat does tht mean

  154. Jeff says:

    cc: nytnews@nytimes.com,
    Send an email to these addresses at the NY Times. They should cover this and hear about all the people who are waiting and the abysmal system NY State has for checking.

  155. MeMe says:

    Hey, face it people. Last year I sent my PAPER form on April 15, 2012 and did not get a refund until July, 2012. Same story..different year. All backlogged paper returns will complete sometime in July. Same problem….manpower.

  156. Jeff says:

    That doesn’t make it right and we shouldn’t just take it. Anyone who has the will to fight this should email the Times. The more people they hear from the more they may choose to investigate. At least NYS shouldn’t put a web site out there that purports to help when it clearly is only as good as the entries it gets. If they are not going to at least update it then they shouldn’t offer it.
    I filed paper in Feb and have only been told by a human, called at 8:30AM, that they have it at least but nothing further.

  157. Nickie says:

    Here we are the damn 5% of the NYS people waiting on their state refund check and still haven’t gotten it..! We filed back in Feb also and got our federal on time, but still waiting on NYS… BS…!!! I can express how important it is to make sure the state get’s their payment from our business.. But when it come’s to OUR money they blow us off..!! But then yet we get penalized for not paying them.. So where is it fair that they don’t have to pay us..!! The people need to fight back..!! So sick of this state..!!

  158. Louise R says:

    I was hoping I could expect my refund to be available after 5 weeks. My tax return was filed on paper 04/15/13, It’s been 2 Months and I still have’nt received any indication from the NYS of ever receiving it.. You checked on the status of the refund and this is the mesage you get: : we have no record of receiving your return. I called every week and the same message popped up. You tried for a live person to find out what happened to your return , you wound up nowhere. Very frustrating. I mean if you owed them money , they are up in arms in threatening to collect by force. Why did they even bother to change and upgrade systems when none of them works. The old system maybe outdated and slow but at least you get an answer. Upgrading it to a new system seems to be SLOWER and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

  159. Teresa says:

    Just called using the method Dwan above recommended. I mailed my return first week in April. Woman (nice lady) said they have no record of it yet!!! I asked if I should send a new set of returns and she said they advise against it because it would slow the process even more. She assured me they probably have it there but they are very slow in entering them into the system. I should call back in 2 to 3 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Sean Torres says:

    just wanted to update you guys with the latest twist in my story…i really really have to come up with a plan to escape new york like Kurt…ok so i got my refund…no interest…it was adjusted actually huh wuzzat…my 205$ refund became $58 as you can imagine someone in my dire straits this is about a month of groceries…so i calmly said ok maybe i filled it out wrong it explained on their website an explanation would be on the way explaining the adjustment….so i got my explanation appears my it209 form for non custodial parents was missing from my return (this is an utter lie as i have done my taxes myself for years and specifically had to fill out the form by hand as it was unavailable for efile i remember placing it in the envelope myself) since this form was missing that portion of my refund was adjusted…i called and requested an explanation (i had not yet known the reason why) the rep explained the form was missing. She advised me to file an amended return (i wait 4 months and you want me to wait and pay after losing my documents i tried to keep calm but i was very upset.). I requested a supervisor. She passed me to another division for complaints/disputes apparently phone# 5184859791 i then proceeded to explain to this rep ,who will remain nameless, my entire story. She said “hold one moment while i get the copy of your return. Sir I am sorry but form IT 209 is not in this paperwork.” I exclaimed that is not possible that the state must have lost the paperwork. I asked if I could possibly fax or email the completed paperwork. She said that she would allow that but that it takes 3 days for her to receive a fax. I promptly sent the fax that morning. Now here is the part that kills me. She explained once I receive the fax I will contact you. I decided to heck with waiting 3 days thing. I gave her 2. It’s a fax for crissake. When I called I was told that the rep “was not at her desk”. I hung up. I called again today. I again asked for the rep. I was told “This rep went on vacation yesterday for 2 weeks.” must be nice…i explained I guess I must now start over with you to the rep who answered. She seemed helpful and claimed to correct the adjustment. But here is the thing. She said allow another 2-4 weeks. This is just out of control. I thought computers were supposed to speed things up not add another level of bureaucracy. I love this state. I will always fondly remember walking the streets of Manhattan as a youth. But gosh I gotta get out of here. This state will eat you alive and spit out your bones. I can only imagine if my story is any indication how bad things must really be up there…

  161. MeMe says:

    Sean – – this is a story that ought to be send to the Times. Really. OMG!!!

  162. sean torres says:

    meme i gave up being dishonest many years ago it gets too complicated that is the god’ s honest truth what happened to me…i mean look i dont know if people here have ever had their bank accounts frozen or licenses suspended etc for late payment to ny state speaking as someone who has experiences such ickyness (over less money mind you and a shorter timeframe by far) this is just too too much…i learned my lesson there is no normal turn around time frame anymore time way roughly 2-4 weeks like clockwork this is just not the case in ny anymore…

    i subsist on eggo waffles and popcorn at times it is pretty rough…my one friend says just do what everyone else does and hit up all the local pantries but i am too proud…i was really really hoping that i would have that loot sadly no reprieve reminds me of growing up in east river projects back then sugar water and cake frosting sandwhiches where my friend…

    sadly the state has left me without even sugar what a mean machine this system

  163. taash says:

    OMG, and here I thought I was the only one….

    I mailed my return 4/08, received the federal refund in just about a month. Monday will be 11 weeks since I sent my NYS return. I can’t file electronically because I have a loan from a family member for which I don’t receive an automated 1098 form. I’ve checked the NYS site, and it says they have no information about my return; called the automated line — same story. I am so stressed out about this I can’t stand it, and clearly, from everyone else’s experience, I probably won’t see a penny before November, if then.

  164. Desi says:

    Anybody who sent papers in Mar, found their info on the website? I filed on 03/15 and system still says there is no information.

    sometime back, I heard they started entering data for Mar submissions.

  165. gally says:

    Its been 12wks since I filed still no info on my return I work 4 nys @ if u owe them any kind of $$$ they will take it rite out of ur pay check immediatly but all of us have 2 wait mths 4 something that is owed 2 us totally wrg Mr.Cuomo I bet ur not waiting on ur return no I 4 got u live tax free on all of us tax payers in the mansion with all paid 4 we need a republican back in office the democracts kill everything just look @ Washington I want my $$$ @ I want it now

  166. Desi says:

    I just called the helpline and the rep was able to confirm that they have received my return. Finally, there is some progress. In my earlier calls, they just said they have no information.

    The online status check is still showing no information. So it may be a few days to update the system; so slow 🙁

    If anyone wants to call the helpline and get a person to talk with quickly, dial this –
    -1 (for English)
    -3 – All Other Information
    -3 – All Other Information
    -2 – All Other Information

    Hope this helps.

  167. Jericca says:

    Hello I have tried calling many different numbers now and I just get stupid machines, I have gone to all the income tax return sites, and they all tell me the same thing, they CAN NOT HELP ME. I NEED MY MONEY and would at least like to know if it got taken or something I got my federal check however I’m STILL WAITING ON MY STATE. I filed the BEGINING OF APRIL, this shouldn’t be taking this long or at least I should be/have been NOTIFIED as to what’s going on by now.

  168. Kevin D says:

    I have been waiting since February and have been in the final stage of processing for weeks

  169. Mike Chadwick says:

    Completely unacceptable. I filed NY in early March. They waited 60 days, then told me it was under review. After pressing them, they say they need to verify the W-2 sent to them (horse crap), so my employer sent it to them. Today they confirmed receipt of the document and told me it would be up to 120 days to review it.

    By the way, I was told that 2% APR compounded daily is supposed to be being paid on your returns every day beyond a certain point based on a certain period like 60 days after you filed, or June 1st, whichever is earlier or something like that.

    Is anyone putting together a class action lawsuit to force the state to do what is right? Thank GOD that I moved out of NY last year and will not have to deal with these criminals anymore.

  170. Mimi C says:

    I mailed my NYS tax return around mid February and the website is still showing: We do not have any information about your return at this time. If you filed your return electronically, please wait one week before accessing this service. If you mailed Your return, it could take four or more weeks from the time you filed before this service is able to provide you with information on your return.

    I tried calling and they told me that they are behind in paper returns.

    Has anyone who mailed their return around the same time I did gotten any response from NYS other then what I stated above?


  171. carlo says:

    filed first week of March Still nothing

  172. Teresa says:

    I think Arnold Diaz at fox 5 should be notified to look into this for all of us waiting for money! This is a shame…shame on you..new york!!!

  173. MeMe says:

    In order to show them how you don’t give a ****, and this is especially to those who filed “electronic” thinking the money gonna come back faster…try this … file with paper because it doesn’t matter one way or the other. See, by electronic filing, you just helped the State get the filings in the system without any man power. But, if they found one mistake, it is redirected to a human who sits there with a stack of files only to put the difficult one on the bottom of the heep over and over again. 120 days equals 11 weeks. The State has no shame in their game. August sounds like a good month for everyone since it is the end of another quarter.

  174. April says:

    Mailed the tax return in April.
    Called NYS treasury help line on 06/25/13 and was told the return was received but not processed. As of today – nothing…. Zero….

  175. Liz says:

    4 mths my info doesn’t,t match their records. Numerous phone calls they have the return but haven,t paces send it yet .filed a paper return Mar.1st have confirmation # when I call they have the entire return in front of them.nothing wrong on the return ! If the person on the phone can tell me this why can’t they just process the $&@!’ Thing? This is beyond reprehensible! Hope you guys remember this in November when all these guys want to stay in office!! We need a voice, you can bet if you didn’t,t send a check if you owed they would have seized your bank account with in a month,

  176. John says:

    After reading these posts I think someone’s telling a little white LIE ! About only 5 percent still waiting for there returns. My storys the same as the rest. I mailed mine the first week of April , checked the nys website which is useless and bingo no information on my return status. It took me awhile to figure out when you call to speak with a real person don’t hit any of the phone key. That just puts you right into the automatic phone system. I finally get to speak with a real person 3 weeks go and they at least put my fears aside that the state received my returns. They tell me I’m in the same boat as many others that can’t get any information on the web site. Now we get to the meat of the matter , they have MY MONEY and guess what I DON’T! I’ve looked up if there any legal ways to force them to send out my returns and BINGO they have all there bases covered. I can count a 2 percent interest rate from the end of may till they direct deposit my return. I moved from Ny City to long island because of all the bs in the city. Now I’m thinking of leaving the state when retire. The state hired a new company (contractor) to do there paperwork and boy are they doing a bang up job as far as I can tell. I know if a wasn’t paying my state Taxes be knocking on my door putting liens on my house! Good Luck to us all!

  177. Marian Michelotti says:

    Hello – NYS income tax forms mailed, yes mailed March 5, 2013. I can’t check on-line because the on-line state service claims to have no record of my return. So I call and am told it was received and is being processed and that is all the agent can tell me. It is now July. It is as though the state is holding my refund hostage as punishment for not sending electronically. How absurd! All the information given in the article above is bull if the state has no record of returns on line and agents will only tell you that it was received and being processed. Sorry – 6 weeks has come and gone. We are into 4 months now – that’s actually now more than 12 weeks. Accountant says the state doesn’t have the money for all the refunds however must pay interest after April 15. I just want our money!

  178. Colleen says:

    Sounds like I’m in the same boat with many of you. Mailed in my return mid-March, still waiting. If I try to check the status online, I get the message: “The information you have entered does not match our records.” I did call at the end of April (waited on hold for 45 minutes to speak with someone), and they told me they did receive my return, and it may take 6+ weeks. It’s now been 16 weeks… Totally infuriating and unacceptable!

  179. Jenn says:

    We filed at the end of Feb. we were audited in May,sent over all required documents the same day and I’m still waiting,now the automated system says that they received it May 9th and can take up to 120 days. And when you go to talk to a rep the automated system tells you they will not be able to assist you further. WTH!!!!! I don’t understand what is so hard and how they managed to put my tax info under my husbands ss# when the state was taking money out of my check not his.Beyond frustrated.

  180. Bruce Bigby says:

    I’m in the same boat. I mailed my return on March 27th, 2013 and I have not yet received my refund! I called the following numbers,

    Personal Income Tax Refund Information: 518-457-5149
    Perosnal Income Tax Infomration Center: 518-457-5181

    and I haven’t discovered away of getting pass the automated system and speaking with a real person.

    Those of you who spoke with a real agent, please tell me how you did it. I just want to know whether they received my return. That’s all. The automated system keeps telling me that it has no information about my return.

    To avoid this next year, I adjusted my withholdings so that I come close to breaking even. I don’t mind cutting a small check, if necessary, but I do mind having to wait indefinitely for a refund from the state.

    By the way, the state doesn’t care about paying interest. Have you seen the interest rates that banks are paying these days? They’re near 0%. I don’t think that state has anything to worry about.

  181. Teresa says:

    EMAILED the Attorney General and what a surprise….NO RESPONSE!!!!

  182. Patrick says:

    According to this article http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/New-York-State-Tax-Refund-Backlog-67369-1.html the problem is with the agency they hired to do the paper returns. I to am in the same boat .. large refund coming filed in april no information available via phone or website.

    Expected delivery time is in August.. Come on its frustrating waiting for your money especially when federal turns things around in under 3-4 weeks even for a paper filing..

  183. Dave says:

    guys here’s an article from 7/9/13 that may explain the problem: http://www.accountingtoday.com/news/New-York-State-Tax-Refund-Backlog-67369-1.html

  184. Peter says:

    I filed my paper return on 2/25, after 4.5 month, now the online system has my record, and say “need up to 90 days to process”. Man, thank God it’s not the post office lost my return.

  185. Devon says:

    My husband and I filed in January and have yet to receive our state tax, when we called early June they said 2 more weeks and we’ll see it. Still not here… It’s crazy!

  186. Desi says:

    The rep on phone today told me that all pending refunds will be processed and credited by early Aug (15-Aug). Hope it happens.

    I sent my paper return on 03/15. 2 weeks back , got confirmation on phone that my return is received. Online tracking still shows “no information”.

  187. Nick says:

    This is really ridiculous. I mailed in my return on April 9, but as of today (July 15), the on-line system still says it has no record of my return. I am hesitant to phone them because I assume I will be placed on hold for God knows how long, and I don’t want to run up long distance charges (I am a non-resident) on this stupidity. Has anyone who called 518-457-5149
    been able to get through and speak to a real person without much delay? Any suggestions as to the best time to call? Thanks.

  188. Desi says:

    I generally get a human to talk within 30 seconds. I use this –
    518-457-5181 then
    -press 1 for English
    -press 3 – All Other Information
    -press 3 – All Other Information
    -press 2 – All Other Information

    After 4 months – now I see a differene msg rather than “no information”. Now it has my information is not matching.

    It seems, they just manged enter my personal info into the system. now they will enter my return info next. So slow – 4 months already completed.

  189. Kristina says:

    There’s light at the end of the tunnel. Finally, after months (I filed the first week of March by paper), I received the following message on the NYS tax website last night: “We have received your return. This message will be updated when your return is in the next stage of processing. No further information is available at this time.”

    But how long THAT message stays up there remains to be seen.

  190. Liz says:

    Kristina. What was your message previous to the new one? I sent mine the same time as yours. Called several times and the last call I was told that because a number on one of the lines wash arid to read the return was sent for manual processing . YIKES what can. They come up with next?? My message still says info does not match thier records.

  191. theresa shim says:

    This is ridiculous and frustrating. I sent in my tax form at the end of March and still no refund. When I check the online status, it states there’s no info…! My accountant has called three times on three different occasions to the NYS DOT and each time they tell him it will be another three weeks. I’m relieved to know that others are experiencing the same delays but this is horrendous for all of us. Not to mention unfair. I guess it’s better to owe than to wait around for a refund because they deposit checks made out to them within 3 business days.

  192. ron says:

    NY state received my return in march . had to call state senator to get action, received refund July 23 2013! called tax office after 15 weeks was told it would take another 8 weeks!! Call your senator and complain it works.

  193. Christine K says:

    I e-filed my tax return and now am required by the state to send in my w2s and they state in the letter it could take up to 90 more days for my refund. I filed April 14 2013.

  194. Barbara P. says:

    Filed jointly on 4/8 and was received by NYState on 4/11. Have just received the message refund is being processed and could take additional 2-4 weeks for completion. Does anyone know if that’s accurate or even truthful? Any info would be appreciated…

  195. Kristina says:

    @ Liz – the previous message just said that they had no information on my return at all. It now says it’s in the final stages of processing, so hopefully we have it within the next 2-3 weeks (via direct deposit).

  196. Liz says:

    Kristina thanks! Mine says that my info doesn’t match theirs so who knows just very frustrated!

  197. charlie says:

    Mailed out mine and my wifes return at the end of January, still nothing. Website says no info, customer service says they received it but thats all they can say. Utter bs if you ask me. Maybe we can all file a class action lawsuit for pain and suffering or something like that

  198. Teresa says:

    received mine today – had to email the head of taxation and finance though to get it!

  199. Teresa says:

    got mine today – had to email the head of taxation and finance though to get it!

  200. Desi says:

    can you share how did you contact the head of taxation and finance ? My refund is stuck for 5 months now. I really need to take some action now.

  201. Jessie says:

    I read the article that you posted about the new contractors that process our state refunds, but that applies to those filed by paper! What about the rest of the people that filed electronically and are still waiting for theirs? Its been 8 wks since I filed and still havnt received mines yet plus I opted for direct deposit just for security purposes. When I check the status it just says ‘its in initial stage of processing and it takes up to 4 wks.” I’m gonna wait another 2wks before I check the status again, but if I dnt receive anythng by Sept, the latest, then sumting is wrong!

  202. Jason says:

    I’m on 7 months….called and they said it could be up to 90 more days, I’m furious! W2 was submitted in June and received in early July. I will call my local NYS Senator that represents my district and file a complaint and see if some action is taken!

  203. Joseph F. Blake says:

    I went on your web site and called the telephone hotline and in both instances I was told that my refund could take up to 90 days. I filled on 4/13/13 and as of today it has been approximately 114 days. The last four digits of my SS# is 1205. I’d apprrciate any assistance or information you can provide to me. Thank you for your time.

  204. sabinus says:

    I re-done my 2012 State tax using a nonresident formIT203 A and have not heard from the state since the last four of my ss # is 1594 this was re-done somewhere in may or june 2013. Thanks for any information egarding this.

  205. Julio says:

    Here in the same boat. I filed right at April 15 electronically and mailed paper returns. I received federal return in beginning of July. Today after checking the NYS web site, I now have the message they will need 90 more days to review and to respond back to any correspondence ( I had the message that the return was received and was under review).

    I think NYS is a JOKE, and so is SUPER MARIO! NYS IS GOING BK…….

  206. Andruw says:

    I mailed my form Feb.15 and the status is still in final stage, I’m just wondering people, how much interest will state pay for the late tax refund? A lot of articles says 2%.Is that 2% daily, a month, or just 2% period.

  207. Julio says:

    I checked today after posting the above message I received yesterday and TODAYS messages says

    “We received your return and it’s in the final stage of processing. While most returns are completed within 2 weeks, it may take up to 4 weeks.”


  208. Desi says:

    if your case is pending for more than 4 months, you can file a complain by filling form – DTF-911 at http://www.tax.ny.gov/pdf/current_forms/misc/dtf911.pdf.

    I faxed DTF-911 form on 08/01 and received a call from someone in tax dept on 08/06. The representative said she is working on my case and gave me a direct number to reach out in case of any question. Got a call from her again today 08/07 saying I should receive a direct deposit in 7-12 business days.

    It’s done finally. DTF-911 helped really.

    BTW, the online tracking system is broken. It still says my information is not matching their records.

  209. Julio says:

    Now today the site I should receive my refund by August 12, 2013.

    GO FIGURE….I don’t understand how in three days the status can change from another 90 days to todays message of being issued (SEE ABOVE RESPONSES).

  210. Liz says:

    FINALLY!!!!!! But had to. Call state senate to get it! And yes there was interest payed on the delay but if you’re thinking your going to make a killing on that, Not gonna happen!! By the way the website? Mine still says info doesn’t match there’s since mid April .

  211. Jason says:

    GOT IT …finally, call your Senator and complain it works!

  212. Andruw says:

    Got my tax refund but only dollar extra from the original amount that I claim.Is that the 2% interest that they suppose to pay? LOL

  213. Teresa says:

    Desi, sorry I just read this. We emailed thomas.mattox@tax.ny.gov —- hope this helps for you too!

  214. Teresa says:

    Desi, saw your later response! YAY!!!

  215. Vanessa says:

    I efiled Fed tax & mailed NY State tax in March, 2013. Received Fed return and was informed I should receive NY State tax in 3- 4 months after filing…As of yet, have not received NY State return and when I called “where’s my refund”, the automated recording could not tell me anything….I need to speak to a human that may be able to give me status of refund…HELP!!!!

  216. lia murmanishvili says:

    My husband and i sent our return in on 14 haven’t heard anything yet! This is really getting out of hand!!

  217. Desi says:

    Got my refund check 5 months after submitting forms.
    – I opted for DD but still they sent me check. Never mind.
    – There is minuscule interest amount of ~$2 🙂
    – The letter says they adjusted my refund amount from $0 that I requested to $xyz. But I already requested $xyz. huh! Who cares?
    – The status tracking website still show my data mismatching 🙂

  218. MeMe says:

    Thanks to you Desi, I decided to file the DTF-911 Complaint. A rep called me the very next day after I faxed it. She was polite and concerned. To my surprise that status info was suddenly changed to “data not matching”. I called NYS and their rep gave me a run around about there was some errors and it was going to take at the very least another 90 days. That was on Tuesday. Well this morning I got a call from the Tax Advocate and she said my tax form is completed and I will receive the refun in 2 weeks. If I don’t receive it, to call her again. So people, in order to stop the monkey business….file a complaint…let the game begin. NYS admits that the vendor they hired to help them with tax processing has failed tremendous. So shake em up.

  219. VMinAZ says:

    Thank you, Teresa, for posting email link: thomas.mattox@tax.ny.gov. My refund is 155 days overdue and automated line says my information does not match their records. Within 2 minutes of sending email, I got a call. My refund is “due to be processed tomorrow”.


  220. Seirra Green says:

    Filed since 3/4/13 this is 8/30/13
    All bs your check has been processed
    since 8/19/13 .most of my co workers
    getting the same crap.

  221. Seirra Green says:

    How long does it take a letter from
    Albany to Brooklyn ?

  222. sonia says:

    I file on 02/28/13 and we in 09/3/13 and still nothing…

  223. Eileen Boland says:

    I filed early April 2013 and still no refund (Sept 19). This is disgraceful.
    The online tool now no longer recognises me either!

  224. Robin says:

    Filed jan 29th and was accepted on feb 5th. And I still have nothing! Called them today got put on hold 3 times for long waiting times then pasted over to another department put on hold again only to be told they don’t know anything and that they will send an inquiry to another department and I should hear something in 30 days if not call back. Are you kidding me??????? It’s been 8 months already!! What are they doing???

  225. chantel Thomas says:

    Hi my name is chantel I did my taxes e-file in February . I got a letter telling me to resend my paperwork it will take up to 90 day it’s already been 8months later still nothing I call them they can’t tell me anything at this time. This is bull shit .

  226. Mayra says:

    How can I find out about my state from 2012 that I should of received since 2013 and haven’t

  227. paul says:

    if anyone knows how i can edited my info from a personal check to direct deposit, PLEASE email me!!!!! paulgeller@gmail.com

    I will be very grateful. detailed instructions, thanks.


  228. Lisa Mierez says:

    Is anyone still waiting on their 2015 state refund? I didn’t receive mine and based in H&R block was scheduled to hit my account on 2/8/16

  229. monica says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Did you receive your nys refund, mine was suppose to hit my account 4/6/16…. today is 4/15/16

    Still no money in my account

  230. Barbara says:

    No refund no letter no call. Where is my refund

    • Hello Barbara,
      If you e-filed your return, check your State Department’s website to track your refund if your e-filed your return. If you paper file your state return allow 6-8 weeks for the state to process your return. Feel free to also call the state department for further details.

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