Can you E-File After October 15?

Posted by on October 19, 2012
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E-file ends on October 15, 2013

The e-file deadline date was October 15th, 2013 for 2013 tax returns, but you can still prepare your return with RapidTax

You can’t e-file after the October 15 deadline, but you can prepare your 2013 taxes with RapidTax. Once completed, you’ll print, sign and mail your taxes to the IRS.

The first tax deadline for 2013 taxes was April 15, 2014.  Those who requested an extension, had until October 15, 2014 to file.

As of, October 15th the IRS has shut down the e-file system. Although you can no longer e-file, you can still prepare and file your 2013 taxes.

File your Late 2013 Taxes ASAP!

If you still need to file a 2013 tax return, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible. Why? If you have tax due, filing late means paying penalties. The longer you wait to file, the more you’ll end up handing over to the IRS. Late fees include;

  • failure-to-file penalty: 5% of the additional taxes owed amount for every month (or fraction) your return is late, with a maximum penalty of 25%
  • failure-to-pay penalty: 0.5% (1/2 of 1%) of the additional tax owed amount for every month (or fraction) your tax remains unpaid, up to a maximum of 25%

At the very least, file your late tax return. If you have trouble paying your tax due, the IRS is willing to work with you.

If you’re expecting a refund from your 2013 taxes, you won’t face any penalties but you’ll still want to file sooner rather than later. In fact, after April 15, 2017, you’ll no longer be able to claim your 2013 refund.

Don’t procrastinate! File today and put taxes out of your mind until the 2015 tax season!

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415 Responses to “Can you E-File After October 15?”

  1. Cosmic Zamboni says:

    According to IRS, direct deposit refunds from efiled returns may take as long as 21 days.

  2. MEA says:

    The IRS accepts 2011 corporate e-files through 12/26.

  3. MAH says:

    REPLYING TO Cosmic Zamboni COMMENT: yes it may take as long as 21 days if there are any problems which if any problems with a paper check refund will take longer than 21 days thus the point no matter what you get your refund sooner with direct deposit!

  4. CLockPhi says:

    You’re saying that the IRS won’t accept electronic filing of 2011 returns that are getting a refund — after October 15. 2012? That doesn’t sound right.

  5. Daniel bewley says:

    I have a lot of my clients file right before oct 15th so they have money for Christmas. Plus they get their money back from 3-10 business days because the IRS can look at the return much faster

  6. Amber says:

    Hello, where did you get the information that efile will begin on 22nd. I have not seen that on the IRS site.

  7. JAMIE says:


  8. Amber says:

    thank you for those links, quite informative. Even though it is not official from the links it looks like it really will be 22nd. Thanks again

  9. LAURA says:

    Crosslink sent me an email stating that E-file begin on January 22, 2013. Also, IRS will not accept e-file of 2011 tax return after October 15. They need to mail a paper return rather you’re getting a refund or not.

  10. breladaccia says:


  11. ronnie says:

    can that date change the 22nd since congress has not yet come up with a solution about the taxes

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Ronnie,

      The tax laws that Congress is currently debating are for the 2013 tax year and beyond. The taxes that everyone will start filing in January are for the 2012 tax year, which is pretty much set. The IRS could still decide to change the e-file start date (even though I think it’s highly unlikely), but it won’t be because of anything happening in Congress. For now I think we can all safely plan on e-filing our returns on January 22, 2013 or soon after!

  12. Enderia says:

    Since they doing it on the 22nd of Jan will we be able to request the our money back for the next day?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Enderia,

      Even though you can file starting January 22nd, you won’t get your refund back the next day. It takes the IRS a little while to process your return. Most people who e-file usually see their money in about 10-21 days, though it’s not unheard of for it to take up to a month. And of course if there is some problem with your return it could end up taking even longer.

  13. Pam says:

    This year my daughter turned 17 in November. Do you know why in the world i do not get to gave a tax credit for her? She was 16 for alomost the entire year except a month?? Has the age always been 17?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Pam,

      Are you referring to the Child Tax Credit? If so, then yes, it is true that your child must be under age 17 at the end of the year in order for you to claim her. However, you can still claim her as a dependent which gives you a variety of tax breaks.

  14. qauy says:

    Does rapid tax allow u to prepare your taxes early then submit them on the 22 of January? If so when do you guys allow people to start preparation?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Quay,

      Yes, you can prepare your 2012 return on RapidTax starting January 3rd. Then once you’ve prepared it and it’s been reviewed by one of our tax professionals we’ll file it with the IRS as soon as e-file opens on the 22nd.

  15. melissa says:

    I will have my w2 at the end of the month when can I file? I wanted it to go direct deposit …

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Melissa,

      You can prepare your 2012 return on RapidTax starting January 3rd. So if you’ve already received your W-2 you can go ahead and prepare your return. Then we’ll file it with the IRS as soon as e-file opens on the 22nd.

  16. Erica says:

    I heard rumors of this at work because a branch of my employer does volunteer tax services so I came online to check. Their system is set up to start returns and then automatically e-file on the 22nd so yes it seems that all tax preparers are well aware that Jan. 22nd is the big day.

  17. Terence says:

    I heard that if yhe fiscal cliff is not settled by the 31st we will not be able to e-file until march

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Terence,

      The only part of the fiscal cliff debate that’s holding up the tax season is the AMT patch. I don’t exactly know what’s happening but here’s my understanding. The IRS has programmed its system assuming that Congress will pass the AMT patch. If it doesn’t do so very soon, the IRS will be forced to re-program its system. That’s when filing may be delayed until March for some people. Nothing is final right now. If you’re not going to be hit by the AMT, I think you’re fine. If you could be subject to the AMT, keep your fingers crossed and hope Congress gets its act together. If you’re interested, here’s a letter from the IRS commissioner going into a little more detail:

  18. Danielle says:


  19. Enderia says:

    So if I get my w-2 form on the 16th will I be able to get it processed… Until the Ira opens

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Enderia,

      Yes, if you get your W-2 by the 16th you can prepare your return that day. In fact, you can prepare your 2012 return on RapidTax starting the 3rd. Once your return is prepared, we’ll hold it and file it with the IRS as soon as e-file opens on the 22nd. That way you can get your refund as soon as possible.

  20. kels says:

    i have a question…i fie using an 1099 form but i usually do my taxes on dec 29 and usually get my refund around jan 20 or 21…since e-file isnt until jan 22..does this mean when the 22nd gets here i have to wait an additional 14 days to receive my refund direct deposit

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kels,

      That’s right. It will take 10-21 days give or take for the IRS to get you your refund. This delay in the start of the season means that most early birds will get their money about a week later than in previous years.

  21. Toni says:

    Congress has not passed the AMT patch. Will that affect the 2012 taxes that we file on January 22 2013

  22. INT PTY says:


    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi INT PTY,

      No, you cannot e-file 2011 or 2010 returns. It is true that you can still prepare those returns online. Right here on RapidTax you can prepare any return going back to 2005. But you cannot e-file them, in the proper sense of the word. When you are done preparing them online, you will have to print them out, sign them, and mail them to the IRS.

  23. michelle says:

    I just prepared my taxes with a different program and it said that taxes would be available to e file on jan 3rd. Are you sure about that 22nd date?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Michelle,

      As far as I know, returns can’t be e-filed until the 22nd. Are you sure this service isn’t accepting them starting the 3rd and then holding them until the 22nd? What service did you use?

  24. Amber says:

    Will I need my pin from last year tax to efile this year

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Amber,

      When you e-file your 2012 return, you can choose to verify your identity with either your Self-Select PIN from last year or your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from your 2011 return.

  25. Diane says:

    I have printed out the 2012 tax forms but can’t find the 1040 instruction manual anywhere online. The instructions for the 1040A
    are posted on the IRS website. If indeed what congress is voting on is for 2013 and beyond…..where is the instruction manual???

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Diane,

      I think you’re correct. I haven’t seen any instructions yet for the 2012 return. Everything’s starting a little later this year, fiscal cliff aside. But now that that’s all settled, I would expect to see the instructions within the next week or so.

  26. Tori says:

    Since Congress has reached a decision on the AMT patch. Is the official date January 22nd when IRS will accept e-files? It has not been updated on the IRS website.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tori,

      I’m not 100% sure, but I think that yes everyone should be able to start e-filing on the 22nd. There still hasn’t been any official word from the IRS but I think this is our best bet. My understanding is that the IRS had configured their system assuming that the patch would be passed. The potential chaos would only ensue if Congress failed to pass the patch. Since they finally got their act together last night, I think everything should be able to proceed pretty smoothly from here on out.

  27. cedric says:

    Since alot if people are filing early than usual in your opinion what’s the best date to file to ensure fastest return later year I filed Jan 17 got my return like Feb 10

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Cedric,

      When e-file opens on the 22nd there will more than likely be a massive backlog of returns, especially since it’s a week later than last year. Most companies will e-file their returns first-come, first served. So it follows that the closer you are to the front of the line, the sooner you’ll get your refund. I know that both RapidTax and TurboTax start accepting 2012 returns on January 3rd, so the sooner you submit your return after this date, the faster you’ll get your refund. You should also note that this year the IRS is telling people to expect their refund in “less than 21 days” as opposed to the previous “10-21 days.” So all things considered, it could very well be later than February 10 when you get your refund this year, even if you do everything as early as you can!

  28. tijera says:

    If i efile will iget my return by feb 1,2013

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tijera,

      I think it’s highly unlikely that anyone will get their refunds by February 1st this year. Not only is e-file starting later this year (January 22nd) but the IRS now says people can expect their refunds in “less than 21 days” as opposed to the old “10-21 days.” So if you e-file as early as possible, I would still put the earliest you get your refund at the first week of February, if not later.

  29. Lashay says:

    I have two 2011 w-2 I want to file this year with my 2012 return. When I paper file can I still request direct deposit.

  30. Amber Proffitt says:

    Im an accountant and this is true. Jan 22nd is thr actual start for efiling. Also you can not efile,2011 taxes being Oct 17th not the 15th is the deadline. If you are a corporation and need more time to prepare you have tl file an extension by March 15 or you will receive a $2350.00 fine against your business. Please keep in mind the IRS will be a little more strict this year.

  31. Dineitha says:

    I filed my taxes myself last year using Freedom Tax a subsidy of TurboTax. I did not make copies of my return because I did not have a printer. Can you tell me how would I get my AGI or self selected pin without a copy of my 2012? Also, is there any way I can get a copy of my 2011 income tax return since I filed online myself?

  32. mack says:

    When will i be able to get my agi pin number or self delect pin from the irs automsted system

  33. lynda says:

    Can I still get my tax return in the mail?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lynda,

      The IRS has stopped mailing returns to people. If you prepare your taxes using RapidTax, we will fill in your return for you as well as all of the necessary documents. If you would prefer to do it yourself, you can download a copy of the 1040 here:

      Also some public buildings such as post offices and libraries still have paper copies of the forms.

  34. Aquafinafloe says:


  35. fawn says:

    Does your site do free Efile? Is it just for Fed or can you also do State too?

  36. Alma says:

    I can tell u this once the forms become available file ASAP it may work in your benefit. Last year the IRS didn’t accept them until the 16 or 17th as its official sate( I can’t remember) but Indus my taxes and tax act held mine until the IRS accepting them. Guess what the IRS accepted my taxes on January 13 n I had my money on the following Friday, like the 29th. Anything is possible . Those are just guidelines.

  37. Alma says:

    Correction January 20 th I had them

  38. Larissa says:

    I do my taxes every year through hrblock ..for about 10 years! It says “federal efile will be available 01/04/2013” Can anyone confirm that?

  39. Rochelle says:

    So what’s the difference in paper filing and e-filing because I’m being told paper filing starts the first week in this month and you can still get your refud direct deposit?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Rochelle,

      Yes, you can paper file as soon as you have all of the requisite tax documents. Generally people avoid paper filing because there are several disadvantages. It’s slower, usually by several weeks, and it’s not unheard of for your refund to take 6-8 weeks. It’s also safer and more secure than paper filing, because your personal info isn’t being sent through the mail. It’s easier, considering you don’t have to print all those pages, find and envelope and postage, and make an extra trip to the post office. It’s also more accurate. If there’s a problem with your return, the IRS can reject it immediately and you can fix it.

      But yes, if you choose to paper file you could do so immediately.

  40. Enderia says:

    So if I file on the 22nd of jan. I still won’t receive my refund until feb.

  41. Trenell says:

    Is there a link to publication 2043 about the refund cycle chart for 2013 yet. I know I havent yet seen one as today. I am aware of the 22nd filing date. I’m wondering when the 1st refunds come out. I think that it is going to be a big mess like it was last year about the refunds being delayed and wont be out till the 2nd friday in Feb. but then again that’s a big if cause they did give out refunds on Wednesday’s last year. what do you think?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Trenell,

      From what I understand, the IRS is not issuing a refund cycle chart for this year. I think it’s part of their efforts to combat fraud. Also, you should note that the IRS has changed the time frame for issuing refunds for returns that were e-file from “10-21 days” to “less than 21 days.” I think it’s safe to assume (knowing the IRS) that this will probably mean they’ll take longer than last year. So given this change and the later starting date (which means a larger pile of backlogged returns they have to slog through) I’d be surprised if you see your refund by Feb. 2nd. I think it will likely be closer to the 7th or the 10th.

  42. Laurabe filed? says:

    What about state taxes. When can they

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Laurabe,

      It depends on the individual state. Some states will start on the 22nd with the IRS but some will delay the process even further. Try checking your state tax authority’s website.

  43. Heather says:

    Why are they doing it different this year compare to last year? Do you have any more information about the irs e-file.

  44. keandra says:

    Is there any one doing same day checks??

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Keandra,

      We don’t do same-day checks here at RapidTax. You might be able to find another service that offers it, but I would be careful. Often exorbitant fees and interest rates don’t make those kind of rapid refund deals worthwhile.

  45. AMIEE says:

    I do not have a checking account. Can I have my check direct deposited into my parents bank account or an unemployment debit card? I would love to be able to get it quicker via deposit than havinga check mailed. Thanks

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Aimee,

      Unfortunately you can’t have your refund direct deposited into your parents’ bank account or an unemployment debit card. Your only options are to have your refund direct deposited into an account under your name or to wait for the check. If you don’t want to wait for the check, I suggest looking into opening a bank account.

  46. SHUN says:


  47. Manny says:

    Nice answer, thank you.

  48. Lashay says:

    I would much rather e-file but with me having 2011 w2’s along with my 2012 w2 I don’t think I’m able to e-file. Am I right??

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lashay,

      You can’t e-file a 2011 return but you can e-file your 2012 return. Here’s what I would suggest you do. Go ahead and prepare your 2011 tax return (assuming you haven’t filed one yet). You can do that right here on RapidTax. Then when it’s done, you’ll have to print it out, sign it, and mail it to the IRS. Then you can prepare your 2012 return which we will hold and e-file when it opens on the 22nd.

  49. Enderia says:

    Well since it will take longer to get your refund this year. Would the fee be lower than before?

  50. Tracey says:

    I have tried to efile my 2012 taxes through H & R Block. The laws that Congress is currently debating on absolutely affect the filing of your 2012 taxes. I know this because when I tried to file I was told that two of the forms I need to complete my filing are not available until Congress has reached a decision. Early filers are going to be really disappointed because you won’t be able to file until late January.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tracey,

      You’re correct. I made a mistake in answering a comment earlier. However, Congress has settled the fiscal cliff and everything can go forward now. And while it’s true that you won’t be able to e-file your return until January 22, most tax sites will allow you to prepare it early. For example, on RapidTax you can prepare your 2012 return right now and we’ll hold it until e-file opens on the 22nd.

  51. maggie says:

    question if i claim my grandchildren and than someone else claims them what will happen to them i care for them and the go to school in my hometown and have claimed them for 11 yrs because i support them..

  52. latonya says:

    If i file my 2011 w-2 will i still receive a refund?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Latonya,

      It’s impossible for me to tell you whether you will get a refund or not. But if you do deserve one, then yes, you can still claim it. You can claim a refund for up to three years after the return’s original due date. The only difference is that prior year returns can’t be e-filed – you will have to paper file it. In fact you can do your 2011 return right here on RapidTax. My suggestion would be to file your 2011 before you get to work on your 2012.

  53. Kirsten says:

    Is it possible for me to claim my daughter as a dependent and her father use her as a qualifying person? If so how does it work and if not what can we do?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kirsten,

      No two returns can claim the same dependent, whether that dependent is claimed as a qualifying child or qualifying person. The thing is, their Social Security number cannot be used twice.

      If you and your daughter’s father are married, you can file a joint return and both get the refund. If not, the person she lived with for over half the year can claim her. If you lived with both of you for an equal amount of time you’ll have to alternate claiming her every other year.

  54. Lashay says:

    So your saying I can file my 2011 return separate from my 2012 return?. I can paper file my 2011 and then e file my 2012? Would it be better for me just to paper file them both together, I would think that it will decline my refund amount by doing them separate.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lashay,

      You absolutely can paper file your 2011 and 2012 together. The only problem with that is that it will take longer to get your 2012 refund. E-filing generally means you have your money in fewer than 21 days. Paper filing can take up to 6 or 8 weeks. And don’t worry about your refunds – the two years are completely separate. Filing them together will not increase your refund.

  55. Lori says:

    Some of you need to learn how to read and use common sense:

    1) If anyone remembers the giant mix-up the IRS had last year, then you know and understand why they are taking more time this year to review everyone. Last year people who filled certain papers on the 14th got screwed up and we had to wait almost a month for our returns to come. This problem effected thousands of people.
    Some of you act like you’re entitled to something. Why can’t they make exceptions FOR YOU? Will they not charge me since they are later? Can they pay me the next/same day? First of all, it is a privilege to file early. E file in itself is a luxury. It wasn’t that long ago you had to either print them out from software and mail them in, or just do paper all together. They do not owe you anything because they are using more man hours to protect you. The self absorption in this thread makes me sad for the human race.

  56. Rob says:

    If the IRS accepts e-file on January 22, will that begin after midnight of the 21st or normal IRS business hours for my time zone?

  57. abby says:

    can you still file with your last pay sub.. was told i can on the 22 but dont get the w2 still 30 jan pls let me know thanks.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Abby,

      Yes you can file with your last pay stub, but I highly recommend waiting until you get your W-2 because it’s easier and more accurate. Plus, it’s at most only a week later than the 22nd.

  58. umm says:

    I do not have a bank account and every year have my tax return deposited into my sisters account

  59. melissa says:

    i just recieved a email from turbo tax and it say that efile will be allowed to happen on jan 10

  60. MEA says:

    E-filing your 2012 return:
    Stating very clearly, the IRS efile system is not available to efile 2012 individual returns until January 22nd. Many sites will allow you to complete a 2012 tax return on their site prior to January 22nd, but the return cannot be efiled until January 22nd. A service cannot e-file a return before the IRS e-file system opens. You can read the official IRS notification at .
    M. B. Carlisle, CPA

  61. taxpayer1 says:

    irs web site said e-file would start at 7am(EST) on monday january 7 2013. where did you all get the 22nd

  62. jessica johnson says:

    My tax preparer says returns are being accepted on the 15th on January don’t know how true that is buy will see

  63. david hand says:

    i have my last years electronic filing pin that the irs issued me can i use it on this years tax refund as my electronic filing pin ? if so what space do i put it in on my efile form online

  64. sheena says:

    i just had my daughter in October will i be able to claim her or i gotta wait till next year

  65. sheena says:

    How do u find the childs tax credit for this year as well

  66. Jennier says:

    I have mine all set to go with TurboTax and it says I can submit to the IRS on the 10th of Jan.

  67. Amber says:

    I went to turbotax to file and it won’t even let me file cause they say they don’t have the eic paper and some other one. They say the papers won’t be ready till the 10th and the 17th. Can you tell me what’s up with that situation

  68. Amber says:

    I tryed to file on turbotax and it wouldn’t let me cause its say something about a eic paper work isn’t in and they won’t be ready till 1/10 and1/17 can you tell me anything about that

  69. HRBlock-agent says:

    Actually you can e-file as soon as Jan 10th mother works for the IRS there hasn’t been a posting to the website yet…..

  70. Vadim says:

    Someone tried to use my fiance’s SS# last year to get her refund, the case has been going on since February 2011 and still have yet to see any money. Would this effect 2012 tax refund?? Can she even file for a tax refund if the case is still open? or are the two years have nothing to do with each other?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Vladim,

      She should be able to file her return normally, but it’s up to the IRS as to whether they go forward with processing it. In some cases of identity fraud they will freeze certain social security numbers. If you’d like a really specific answer, I would call the IRS at 1-800-829-1040.

  71. bebe says:

    Hi. I started work in November and payed taxes too. I think I o only made like $450 for 2011. I have a 2 years old daughter. Can I file for tax return for me and her. Thank you

  72. Kenny says:

    according to Phil Drake the new 2013 Tax Start Date is now 1/30/13

  73. Nikki says:

    Does tax season for 2013 start on Jan 30th??

  74. Taxpreparer says:

    Body We had a call with the IRS today and below are updated dates and information for the tax season. This information was just released to us.

    Revised Dates Provided by the IRS

    The revised date for e-filing and processing for available forms is now January 30 vs. previous date of January 22.

    · The list of forms that will not be available by January 30 will be released this afternoon or tomorrow by the IRS
    · The forms that will not be available by January 30 should be available late February or early March.

    · The IRS did say most early season filer forms should be available by January 30 and they estimated approximately 90% of returns should be able to be filed on January 30.

  75. RenaC73 says:

    January 30, 2013 (formerly January 22; new date was announced on January 8)

    IRS begins processing previously stockpiled e-filed returns at 9 A.M. Eastern time.
    Note: Due to the enormous backlog of returns waiting to be processed, this does not necessarily mean that the IRS will process your return at 9 A.M. Eastern time.
    If you e-filed on or before January 30, please allow up to 72 hours to receive an acknowledgement.
    IRS begins processing paper-filed returns.

  76. Fawn says:

    Like Share Print
    IRS Plans Jan. 30 Tax Season Opening For 1040 Filers.

    It seems the 22 is no longer the file date.. It seems irs will not start efile or paper file tell jan 30. They say it will be faster if you use efile and have refunded desp. in bank act. this is date just for your normal run of the mile returns anything else more in depth and your looking at Feb or Mar. Just read this on IRS PAGE.

  77. kevin says:

    every year is one thing or another with the irs saying this and saying that, i think they want to hold our rightfully owned money a little while longer

  78. Rachel says:

    So what’s the date to start 22 or 30 ????

  79. Lashay says:

    Yes I also just read the news on the IRS website announcing that the IRS will not start accepting returns until jan. 30

  80. Lashay says:

    I filed a 2011 return last year but I forgot about another job I had until I received a w2 from them, can I still file that 2011 w2 even though I’ve already filed a 2011 return last year.

  81. Lashay says:

    And Is there a way I can get an old w2. I worked for the oil spill and they sent me a w2 but I misplaced it now the company is no longer running, how can I locate my w2.

  82. Lisa says:

    January 30th is the official e-file date just announced , is this correct

  83. Jeff says:

    Will the IRS publish a list of expected refund dates for E filers like last year. Last years was wrong by a week but still useful.

  84. Rashonda says:

    It’s my Money in I need it now 🙂

  85. vanilla says:

    I filed my taxes on tax-act (e-file). It hasnt been accept yet (pending) but it says you hve e-filed your federal return and you hve not started of filed your tennessee return. What does that mean?

    You have e-filed your Federal return – check e-file status.
    You have not started or filed your Tennessee return .

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Vanilla,

      You should probably ask TaxAct about this, but it probably means that you need to file a Tennessee return and haven’t done so yet. I know that many of the state forms are not ready yet, and so you will probably have to check back in a couple weeks to file your state return.

      Although note, TN only has a tax on income from stocks and bonds. So it could be this is what TaxAct’s program says when there’s no state return to be filed.

  86. Carla says:

    Does anyone know the dates of when you will receive your return if files on certain dates? Last year they had a calendar saying if u files on a certain day what the estimate day I would get your return would be.

  87. erica says:

    I spoke to my tax preparer today january 8, 2013, he stated u can file taxes as soon as you receive w2s but irs will not accept them until january 30, 2013. Standard waiting time is 8 to 21 days from day irs accepts your return and NO there will not be a refund calender this year irs is simply saying you must wait.

  88. Antigone says:

    Can anyone still e-file on the 22nd or we all have to wait until the 30th

  89. jasmine says:

    What is really the date that you can start efiling because everybody keep saying different dates?

  90. Shan says:

    Attn Tax Advisor: For seven years now I have always filed & paid for the rapid refund to receive it the next day or two in the state of Alabama, so even when I wait til the 30th of January to file (even though they are saying the 28th here in Alabama) will I still be able to do the rapid refund or will I also have to wait the 21 days or more like everyone else?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Shan,

      You may still be able to find a company that offers rapid refunds, but in recent years the federal government has really cracked down on them. Now most tax companies and banks don’t even offer them. My advice is to file your taxes normally and wait for a refund like everyone else. 21 days is not so terribly long to wait. Rapid refunds are a rip off because most feature exorbitant fees and interest rates.

  91. Rashonda says:

    Why is the IRS given dates if yall don’t no for sure tell me what’s going on tell me someone I need my money now 🙁

  92. Rashonda says:

    Why the kids only get a
    1000 dollars we been getting that for 5 years now what’s going on Talk 🙁

  93. Brooke says:

    Anybody know when to file with state

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Brooke,

      It depends on your individual state. Each states makes its documents available and starts filing on its own date. Most will begin around the same time as federal e-file. Check your state’s tax website to find out.

  94. Anna says:

    I am on disability since last year. I don’t know if I need to file plus have kids.

  95. melissa says:

    We our filing our taxes thru h&r block on the 24the and although there not releasing until the 30 how much later before we get the refunds. And also we have never done direct deposit only the emerald card. Is it faster to do direct deposit then the emerald card?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Melissa,

      The IRS is saying that most people will get their refund in “less than 21 days.” I certainly wouldn’t expect it in anything fewer than 10 days and remember that this is the IRS and it’s not uncommon for it to take up to 30 days or more. I’m not familiar with the emerald card, but as far as I know direct deposit is the fastest way to get your refund.

  96. angie24 says:

    man if only we can say well pay the taxes a week later than immediately coming out our check. i just feel we should be entitled to our money asap. but who am i

  97. Ashley says:

    hi, i use turbo tax every year and i got my online w-2s on the 5th and went ahead and filed but they said the irs wouldnt look at it until the 30th. im cool with that but is there going to be a mistake on my return since i filed so early and people are talking about some papers that the tax services didnt have yet? or will turbo tax handle that?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Ashley,

      I think the odds are against there being something wrong with your return due to the IRS delay, but it’s a possibility. TurboTax is a huge company with lots of customers who file before e-file opens. I’m sure if there is an issue with your return that they’ll let you know.

  98. Melissa says:

    I always do my own taxes thru turbo tax. Last year I accidentally left one out because I received it after I filed. So can I file my 2011 thru turbo and print it out to send? If so do I file twice? I’m confused because if I file twice I kno I can’t file my kids both times. So please help me. I really don’t get what I’m suppose to do

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Melissa,

      Are you talking about a W-2 or 1099? If so then you will have to amend your 2011 return in order to include it. You do not file twice. Since you filed with Turbo last year I would ask them if it’s possible to amend your 2011 return. I imagine it will be relatively painless.

  99. Tommy says:

    can i still efile my taxes or is it to late

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tommy,

      You can e-file your 2012 taxes starting on January 30, 2013. However it is too late to e-file any year prior to 2012. You will have to mail in a paper return if you still have to file for one of those years.

  100. Nicole says:

    I don’t know why everyone is sayin u cant efile until the 22nd or 30th.. that is untrue i already efiled ………. i know they wont start reviewing it until the 30th but turbotax and taxact r already letting you efile i did this a few days ago….. not sure y u guys r sayin you cant even do it until the 30th if that was the case no one would be able to i know many people that have efiled already….

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Nicole,

      You may have prepared your return and submitted it to Turbo or TaxAct, but technically speaking it has not yet been e-filed with the IRS. For now those companies are just holding on to your return and then they will e-file it on the 30th.

  101. Chris says:

    Will people who efiled early get accepted by the irs first on January 30,2012, or is there a certain system being used.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Chris,

      When the IRS starts processing returns on the 30th there is going to be a massive backlog of returns from everyone who has prepared their taxes during January. Most companies will submit their returns to the IRS on a first-come, first-served basis. So if you are at the very front of the line you’ll get processed on the 30th. But if not, it’s possible that you could be processed several days after that.

  102. Heather says:

    My tax preparer said a test run starts jan 30th so if you filed like last week you could be In that group:)

  103. Heather says:

    Oops jan 22nd I mean.

  104. Nicole says:

    I hav a question already let me efile?? and they sent my efile to the irs i am awaiting an acceptance email and it was friday the 18th i sent them… why would they allow me to do this if they are not opening until Jan. 30th? Is it on hold at the irs and will it be reviewed asap by the irs whence they open on the 30th …..i am soo frustrated…. i wont have to do them again will i ?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Nicole,

      I doubt you’ll have to do them again. What’s probably happening here is the TaxAct is using the term “e-file” very generally, as an indication that your return is complete and has been submitted. The IRS won’t start processing them until the 30th, so that’s likely the date your return will be accepted, or maybe a few days after.

  105. Erika says:

    Will the irs be doing a test run Jan 22nd like it was posted? If so will they be accepting efiles from last week?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Erika,

      I haven’t heard that officially, but it’s entirely possible. Keep in mind though that if they do do a test run, the chances that your return will be selected are extremely slim. I think it’s best to assume that your return will be processed Jan. 30th or soon thereafter.

  106. mayra says:

    Do I really need my W-2 or can I file with my last stub?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Mayra,

      It is possible to use your last stub, but I highly recommend that you wait for your W-2. The information on it is more accurate than a pay stub (as the info on your W-2 is definitely what the IRS has on file for you) and it’s also easier to fill in. Employers have to send your W-2 to you by January 31st and e-file begins on the 30th so waiting for your W-2 won’t really delay your refund.

  107. Linda says:

    I do not have a checking account. Can i get my check to be deposit in someone else’s account. I know this is not recommend however time are hard and this will relieve my stress. Question will check get delayed by the irs due to different names being used? That should not be an issue cause i think only numbers are used. Did i just answer my question?

  108. JOE says:


  109. Matt says:

    So, if I filled out my e-file and sent it in on the 7th, which is when my e-W2 became available, am I going to have to re-file? Or will it be sent to IRS when e-file comes open?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Matt,

      Did you file with a tax preparation company or online service? If so they’re probably holding it and will e-file it with the IRS on the 30th. You should receive a confirmation that the IRS has accepted your return on the 30th or soon thereafter. You shouldn’t need to re-file unless there is some other problem with your return.

  110. joanne says:

    Well I agree with Angie24, those taxes you’ve been taking out of my check every week, I’ll just think about paying those on January 30th:} or a later date if I decide.

  111. kiara says:

    I was told by a jackson hewiitt rep. That the irs will start a random of tax returns on jan. 23…is that true?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kiara,

      Yes, I’ve heard similar rumors of the IRS starting a random test run around the 23rd. Curiously all of these rumors seem to been emanating from Jackson Hewitt. All I can tell you is that I haven’t heard anything official about it from the IRS, but it is entirely possible that they will test their system before the 30th. Do note however that even if they do, it is extremely unlikely that your return will be selected as one of these early return. Just to be safe you should assume your return will be processed on or soon after the 30th.

  112. donna says:

    I filed last year and sum one stole my social security number I have send all the paper work in and they said 90 days that was in mied November how long do you think I would have to wait in need of the money please help.

  113. Ian says:

    I just filed my return. I didnt know until the email that IRS isnt processing until the 30th of January! I really need the money from return before February. I paid with my debit card and just had enough to pay the $30 state fee. now I have a bill due on the 1st. I looked at last years return and I efiled on Feb.6th and received direct deposit on the 13th. I have no one to “loan” money from. This news is horrible for me.

  114. Matt says:

    wow, our government not ready for you to file your tax return….going to hell in a hand basket!

  115. gnp3 says:

    I was very surprised to see that my efile return had been accepted when I logged on to Taxact. Has anyone else been accepted yet?

  116. donna says:

    Thank you

  117. bluangel3000 says:

    I went through TurboTax this year, and I was able to e file my 2011 and 2012 return.

  118. Leah says:

    gnp3, I filed my taxes through Taxact on January 15th and my efile return was accepted today. Just waiting to see how long it will take for my money to get direct deposited now..

  119. CHANCE1234 says:

    we want our money now! I THINK ITS A BUNCH OF BS once again.

  120. Mark says:

    My efile with taxactonline has not been accepted as of this post. There is no indication that has submitted it.

  121. Kim says:

    Does anyone know I’d the schedule d form will be out on Jan 30th 2013?

  122. Kat says:

    Mine was accepted today as well. Must be in the test batch

  123. SCORPIOLADY says:


  124. Ruthie says:

    I also got an email from TurboTax saying that my return had been accepted early by the IRS. However, at the end of the email they stated that the return would not be processed until the 30th. Not sure what that means or what the advantage is of having my return accepted early if that’s the case…

  125. sreynolds says:

    turbo tax here, mine was accepted 1/24/2013 at 10:30 pm federal

  126. sreynolds says:

    heres a timeline from turbo tax

    Received by TurboTax | 01/14/13 07:16:57 AM
    Your return has been received. The IRS does not begin processing returns until January 30, 2013. Then, it takes the IRS about 24 to 48 hours to process efiled returns. During that time, they are considered “pending.” The earliest you should expect to hear from the IRS and most states is February 1, 2013.

    Sent to Tax Authority | 01/24/13 08:08:42 AM
    The filing has been transmitted to the agency and the agency has accepted (but not acknowledged) the filing. The system is now waiting for an acknowledgment message from the agency regarding the filing.

    Accepted | 01/24/13 07:21:26 PM
    The filing has been successfully acknowledged by the agency.

  127. AnnB says:

    I filed my taxes on H&R Block’s site yesterday (1/24/2013) and initially both my federal and state returns were accepted with no errors, etc., received the confrim e-mails and all. But then I got an e-mail that “e-file was denied” that I needed to print and mail the returns. Should I do that, print and mail them? Or should I wait and manually try again to e-file them on the 30th?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi AnnB,

      I think you need to contact H&R Block and find out what exactly was the problem. Sometimes when a return is rejected, you can just correct an error and e-file it again. But sometimes they are correct, you need to mail in your return. I think this is really a question for them.

  128. sreynolds says:

    some people at turbo tax forum are saying people that were accepted tues or wednesday have already got their full refund. not sure how true it is but they sounded truthful. if thats fact mine should be coming into my bank tomorrow morn.. will post back if it happens!

  129. Fawn says:

    I filed through turbo tax on the 19th I got an email and text message today saying that my return has been accepted early. I signed into my turbo tax act. to read more about my refund. And it said it should be in between FEB 1st -feb 8th. Now this throw me for a loop because the IRS was not taking any returns tell the end of this month. So I called the IRS. because this just seemed to “good” to be true. The woman I talked to said that yes they are expecting a few early birds to test their systems with. And why they state 21 day timeline in most cases it takes one week for IRS to issue refund and a few days for the bank to post it. So I could get my refund on those days however she did point out that it is just a timeline why accepted early doesn’t always mean your refund is in there its like a 50/50 chance ether way.

    So no clear answer just a yes maybe you will but don’t hold your breath if you don’t! If it comes in on ether of those dates I will let you all know. Anyone know why they are picking early birds yet Jan 30 is the so called date? Anyone else feeling a wee bit confused?

  130. Lisa says:

    Mine was accepted yesterday as well. Thy said they accepted some early birds to get the systems. So I guess we are all lucky. Hoping it comes sooner than expected.

  131. Michelle says:

    I e-filed with tax act about a week ago knowing that it wouldn’t be accepted until Jan 30. But, I got the e-mail saying I was part of the test group and my return was accepted by the irs today. I have no idea when I will get my refund deposited but, I am grateful I was part of the test group.

  132. Jason says:

    My return was accepted today, the 25th.

  133. Jason says:

    So I e filed very early this year on Jan 10. As of right now my status still says pending. My girlfriend did her taxes about a 6 days ago and she got an email saying her return has been accepted early and mine is still pending even though I e filed 2 weeks before her? Did I file to early? Does anyone else have the same issue?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Jason,

      I don’t think you filed too early (but you can always check with your tax preparer just to make sure). The IRS is doing an early test run and so a small number of returns will get chosen before the Jan. 30th start date. While generally the IRS processes returns in a first-come, first-served manner it is not a hard and fast rule. Some returns are simply easier to process or they may have chosen certain types of returns for the test. It is impossible to say. I would just assume that your return will be processed on or soon after Jan. 30th along with almost everyone else’s.

  134. Alex says:

    Hey guys, I e-filed my taxs on Jan/20/13 and on Jan/25/13 I checked and it went from “Pending” to “Accepted” so it looks like I will be getting my refound very soon. Oh yeah and I did my taxs with Turbo Tax and did direct deposit. If I remember I’ll let you guys know when I get my money….That’s if I’m not out partying lol

  135. sreynolds says:

    wasnt posted to my account this morn.. will keep checking and post..

  136. kim says:

    Have the irs started cutting checks yet

  137. traci says:

    I filed my 2012 tax return with turbotax this year on Jan 10th and was able to exile it right way! Even though they won’t process refunds on the 30th I got a confirmation on Jan 24th that the IRS recieved and accepted my return early. They just will NOT process you refunds till opening day on Jan 30th hope that helps!

  138. jessica johnson says:

    Well I will b summiting mines on the 30th of this month it takes 21 days to receive a refund

  139. Alex says:

    I did my taxs with turbo tax on Jan/20 and on Jan/25 it was accepted. I will let you guys know as soon as I get it.

  140. Destiny B. says:

    I efiled thru turbo jan 20th an got accepted thru irs on jan 25th… Does anyone kno if i will get my return early or wat not? And wat is the website for the turbotax forum?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Destiny,

      Only a small number of people have been chosen for the test run that the IRS is conducting prior to the start of processing on Jan. 30th. Even though your return has been accepted it likely won’t be processed until January 30th.

  141. jessica johnson says:

    I checked my return today and my fed return has been accepted by the IRS as of 01/26/2013 now just the waiting game

  142. Maria Santiago says:

    Mines was accepted the 23 now let’s see how long it will take for the money to post.

  143. jessica johnson says:

    I’m get n dates of earliest refund Feb 2nd 3013 latest feb 16th 2013

  144. kim says:

    Where do you go to check on your refund are what number are web

  145. bigboytoy says:

    thats great news jessica mine was accepted too….who did ur taxes

  146. nogiboo says:

    I exiled my tax returns Jan 25th@3:30 pm but on my acceptence notification said it was filed 10:30 am I’m a little concerned. Does anyone know why that happened? Did I pose. make a mistake?

  147. nogiboo says:

    Srry I meant e filed.

  148. nikki says:

    My tax preparer called me fri and told me my refund was accepted on thursday and i should get my refund sometime this week.

  149. Alex says:

    I e-filed and was accepted on Jan/25 where are you guys going to see the dates of your refund? All I see is that I should have it before Feb/20…..

  150. mel says:

    Hi i filed a few days ago and i received an email today saying they were accepted by the irs and my money will be deposited after jan 30th.. So u can file now to get ahead start even tho people r saying they wont be accepted until jan 30th.

  151. jessica johnson says:


  152. AnnB says:

    Thank you Tax Advisor for your reply/advice ….. I logged back into H&R Block this morning and low and behold, out of luck, the federal and state reurns look like they automatically “re-filed” on their own and were accepted. I will check after the 30th to be sure. Thanks again for your help!!

  153. jessica johnson says:

    Well bigboytoy threw tax act u can got to tax refund esitmator
    Com and punch in the day ur refund was accepted n it will tell u the earliast n latest time frame to expect a refund direct deposit

  154. cintA says:

    I did mine last night through “turbo tax”. I received “the” email today..I think early bird gets the worm!! If u can do it now, do it!!

  155. manda says:

    can i go ahead and efile with turbo tax and print out my forms later? i do not have a printer. the only way that i can pront is to pay 25¢ per page at my local library. how many pages are there usually?

  156. Big Bird says:

    If I e-file and give the information for direct deposit does that give the IRS access to my bank account?

    I’m due a refund, but I have student loans in default. I don’t know whether my refund will be intercepted (does this happen automatically with loans in default, or is it more random?). Anyway, if they are, they are. I just don’t want to give the IRS the ability to freeze my checking account.

  157. jessica johnson says:

    Has n e one received deposits from the IRS yet I’m still waiting

  158. Trisha Livingston says:


  159. lisab says:

    How do i check to see if mines got accepted early i filed on 1/17 h&r block about to really piss me off

  160. jessica johnson says:

    @ Miranda 32 pages @ big bird yes the student loans will b took n its call a offset it will go to them first if there is a remaining balance u will receive the rest

  161. jessica johnson says:

    I meant manda 32 pages

  162. monica says:

    Anybody knows when is the date of first refund?

  163. Sally says:

    Say goodbye to Rapid Refund aka RAL. If you were use to recieving that refund check withing 24-48 hours, you WILL NOT be able to do that this year. IRS stopped allowing banks to issue those checks to folks. They said the banks were adding on several huge fees to those refund checks and IRS didn’t like that. So, now you will have to wait up to 21 days to recieve your checks and that is if you are E-filing and using direct deposit. If you are filing any other way, you will have to wait 6-8 weeks to recieve your check. I hope this helps everyone.

  164. Grover2.o says:

    Hey Big Bird – as long as you are in default with a loan through the Dept of Ed, you can forget about a direct deposit refund, speaking from experience. You might ask for a paper check via mail; and if you do slide through the cracks, consider yourself extremely lucky. I encourage you to look into the many programs that D of E offers to get you out of default status; which will at least clean up your credit rating. The D of E is very willing to hold your hand and help you through the process. Option B: wait for Elizabeth Warren to push a new student loan forgiveness law through congress. My personal belief ( hope ) is that if Option B ever happens in our lifetime, those of us who have already made an effort to get out of default, may get first dibs on forgiveness. My theory is that they will mothball those office spaces used to service us, to cut costs. As opposed to stopping a revenue stream that comes from people paying who are currently able to pay their debt. You got nothing to lose by looking into these programs before you contact D of E to find out what you might have to pay on a your newly calculated payments ( it might be zero !) through these programs. Either way you can expect them eat your refund each year; and consider it your annual contribution to your self- administered repayment plan. 🙂

  165. Roo Roo says:

    Hi its my money I need it no 🙂

  166. Roo Roo says:

    Everyone lets get money today it time with yall no money having ass today is the day 🙂

  167. Kassey says:

    Tax Advisor

    I am a tax preparer. I am in the process of getting my efin to obtain bank products. I currently have clients, am I able to have their refund deposited in my account with their consent then disperse the funds until I get my efin?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kassey,

      I’m really not sure. All I can tell you is that generally refunds aren’t deposited directly with the tax preparer but are held by the bank, which takes out the necessary fees, and then deposits them in the taxpayer’s account. Really I think this is a question should direct toward the IRS.

  168. Debbra says:

    My return was processed and approved on the 27th of January by the IRS. I received a text message from them on the 28th. Now, the waiting game.

  169. Fawn says:

    First refund are due FEB 1ST. Mine is set to go in on the 1st and Yes early birds are getting money early! I e filed on the 19th got accepted on the 25th today the WMR site shows it has been approved and is set to Dep. in my bank on Friday!! I was part of the test batch so why you where not able to get your info tell today they did in fact accepted approved and ready refunds before then. Good luck to everyone! =)

  170. Debbra says:

    I was also part of the test batch, however, it still says on the WMR, processing….maybe next week..

  171. Trey says:

    I efiled my tax return January 18th and it was accepted on the 25th. I have received an acceptance email on both my federal and state taxes, I have checked the irs website and it doesn’t say anything about it being accepted even though I know it was, in about how long do you think i will receive my federal return? I have heard for a check you can get it in as little as 10 days. Is this true? I have some outstanding bills that i need to pay and need to know in a round about way when i will more than likely be receiving my money. And yes i efiled but i did not do direct deposit due to no bank account, i stay in Albuquerque nm. Thank you for any help

  172. Donna says:

    File direct deposit with turbo and recieved e mail saying it was accepted 1/24/13. Today on where’s my taxesit said , my taxes was approved and deposited into my account 2/1/13. Im hoping so anyone else get a deposit date ? Havent recieved email stating this date but IRS wheres my taxes gave this so ? Post please if you got same information , fingers crossed !

  173. Donna says:

    I didnt get any emails saying anything about a test group but feb 1, 13 was on wheres my refund , oh I hope so Things to pay as we all do Im sure ! Did everyone who got this deposit. Date get a email saying test group & wondering why turbo tax dont show this information ? Just wondering

  174. Asia says:

    Does the 10-21 rapid refund include weekend days? or is it business days only? If I was to file tomorrow, do think i will have my rapid refund by Feb. 11th??

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Asia,

      The IRS says that you can generally expect your refund in 21 calendar days, which means total days not just business days. If you filed today February 11th is the earliest you could expect your refund. Likely it would be sometime between the 11th and the 21st.

  175. Jason says:

    E-filed on the 23rd, accepted today the 30th…I see the 1st refund date is allegedly Feb 1..anyone know the 2nd date? I used H&RBlock

  176. jessica johnson says:

    OK I filed on the 24th n was accepted on the 26th the wmr keeps saying wait at least 24hrs and try back what the heck the IRS says I should receive my refund in less then 21days after my return was accepted so when should I expect it I’m getting frustrated

  177. Alex says:

    I also efiled on Jan/20 got accepted on Jan/25 and when I checked the WMR this morning Jan/30 it said it was processing, I just check now and it’s telling me to check back in 24hr. WTF is going on?!?!

  178. jessica johnson says:

    Well its pro ally updating it ideally does at nite

  179. Alex says:

    I hope that’s what it is because, when I go to turbotax and check I get….”Congratulations! The IRS has accepted this return, and you’re finished with your taxes” so I hope that’s right.

  180. Fawn says:

    WMF is having issues. Try the hotline for it instead and it should tell you where your at in the whole 3 step thing.

  181. jessica johnson says:

    It up n working now it say my return was received I hope I get my money soon I sure can use it for bills

  182. jessica johnson says:

    @fawn mines was accepted on the 26th in the test run n its still processing I haven’t been able to check it all day

  183. jessica johnson says:


  184. Alex says:

    WMR website must be down again because I’m getting the same message…check back in 24hr

  185. jessica johnson says:

    Me to I was accepted n the test batch and I have to wait till Feb 24th bs

  186. Fawn says:

    If you where accepted early on the 24th or 25th and one of the test batch refunds not just the accepted early meaning you got a DD your money will be in Mine has already came in to the SBTPG where your refund goes first if you used TT and had fees taken from your refund. They will be sending to my bank tomorrow being a DD it will go in the same day.

  187. Alex says:

    Is anybody else having problems with the WMR website? Or is it just me lol

  188. lisab says:

    I got excepted yesterday so when should i start looking for my refund??

  189. lisab says:

    I got exc

    Accepted yesterday so when should i start looking for my refund??

  190. lisab says:

    I got

    Accepted yesterday so when should i start looking for my refund??

  191. Sally says:

    I e-filed on 1/30,… checked “wheres my refund” the next day and it was recieved already.. I’ll check it again in 48hrs to see if im accepted. Typically this electronic process shouldn’t take THAT long. But I’ll keep you all updated

  192. Alex says:

    This is BS, it’s been over 24hrs and WMR give me this message….”We cannot provide any information about your refund. You must wait at least 24 hours after you get the acknowledgement e-mail that your tax return was received by the IRS” is anybody else getting this message?

  193. jessica johnson says:

    If u log n to many time it will block u out the system that’s what I getting I’m get n very frustrated so imma just wait n patient cause I think I’m growing grey hairs lol they take there time when it cones to paying us but if we owe them u better pay asap sad but true I will not use tax act next yr it seems tt is faster

  194. Alex says:

    @Jessica Johnson
    I guess I’ll do the same and just wait, I did mine with tt and we having the same problems so idk how much faster tt is from tax act.

  195. jessica johnson says:

    @Alex I don’t know but its piss n me off so imma just wait till god blesses me with it we have no controll over it so we just need to b patient

  196. lynette says:

    Not sure whats going on, I filed with taxact on Jan 22,2013. I filed the same way every year and have been using them for 4yrs now, I got just a regular return no credit or anything that would cause a delay. But my status has been saying awaiting acceptance since Jan 22,2013. I call tax act support they said it should be fine. But Tomorrow feb 1,2013 makes 48 hrs after the intial start day of Jan 30,2013 of processing day. If my status dosent change do I call the IRS?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lynette,

      Because e-filing was so delayed this year, most tax preparation companies now have a large backlog of returns from the whole month of January that it is taking both them and the IRS longer than normal to process. I would trust what TaxAct says and wait a few more days before contacting anyone about it.

  197. jessica johnson says:


  198. jessica johnson says:

    I meant 8863 forms

  199. Alex says:


  200. ColdInWisconsin says:

    I filed with HRBlock after getting screwed by Tax Act.<—Don't use them. I opted for e-file. The federal one was accepted within five mins, but the state is still pending which I expected. State always takes longer. I just wanted to give everyone a heads up and some hope.

  201. Anne Fulton says:

    Hi ! I e-filed on 1/30/13.I use the first year 2010 tax forms went through fine,IRS accepted all was well,2011 tax forms ,I had my husband’s birthdate wrong, and was rejected, I made the correction and re-e filed…all was well, accepted….this year for 2012…doublechecked and triplechecked everything and e filed…e-file company said my return was successfully transmitted and wait 24-48 hours and I will be accepted or rejected by IRS..

    I filed Wednesday(1/30/13) and I know patience is not my virtue, but I always got my IRS response within hours….although this is the 1st time I actually e-filed on the 1st day the IRS was officially accepting returns…I have not heard a word…..when I check my staus with the freefilable, I get a response that my return was received and would be forwarded to the taxing agency at the appropriate time….

    What does that mean? I thought they already had it…from that response I ‘m thinking it was not transmitted to the IRS and their holding up my return…

    Can anyone reassure me all is right with my return..has anyone had a status message like that when e filing with a e file company….

    Don’t know what to think, and I never got a rejection or acceptance email from the IRS…I even tried the where’s my refund , and it doesn’t have any information…

    Just wonder what the hold up is on the IRS confirmation accepted or rejected email….how long should it take for them to respond…how long do I wait to re-efile and start over again….any thoughts or help would be appreciated….

    I am paranoid not knowing why I haven’t been contacted….and my status keeps giving me the same old will be forwarded to the taxing agency at the appropriate time….I’m confused and worried… Thanks for your time and help!!

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Anne,

      This sounds a little phishy to me just because I know for a fact that you cannot e-file prior year returns. So if you’re using a site that claims to have e-file your 2010 and 2011 returns, I would be a little suspicious.

      As for your 2012 return, I wouldn’t necessarily be worried that the IRS hasn’t accepted it yet, just because some tax preparation services have such a huge backlog of returns from the whole month of January that it’s taking a long time for some companies to process. That being said, in combination with the fact that they’re saying they’ve e-file prior years, I would look into it.

  202. Jenny says:

    Yes, my friend got it DD in her bank account this morning.

  203. ColdInWisconsin says:

    Update: Wisconsin just went through and was accepted so it’s all looking good. I’m happy so far. Now, the wait.

  204. Mike says:

    yes, I received my refund anticipation loan today.

  205. Lashay says:

    I did my refund on the 28th and it got accepted on the 29th. I used the track my refund on the IRS site and it said my refund is set to be deposited in my account on feb 5th and if not there by the 10th they instructed me to contact IRS.

  206. Deidra says:

    Okay, so I efiled my taxes (as I do every year using TaxAct) on 1/29/13. Today is the 2nd of february and on the “check efile status” on taxact’s website…it STILL says awaiting acceptance from the IRS. It’s been well over 48hrs so what the hell is going on??? It’s never taken this long to receive feedback regarding my efiled return.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Deidra,

      Because the start of the tax season was two weeks later than usual this year, many tax preparation companies and the IRS are swamped by a massive backlog of returns accumulated during January. As a result, processing times are going to be a little longer than usual at the beginning of the season. I would give it another day or two before you contact TaxACT to see what the problem is.

  207. lisab says:

    Please help my tax preparer file me single instead of head of household and now my return is under review is there anyway that can be changed

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lisab,

      If the IRS has already accepted your return the only thing you can do is file an amended return, Form 1040X. If your return has not yet been accepted then you may be able to cancel it and correct this original return.

  208. jessica johnson says:

    @lisab I don’t think there is but I will find out for u

  209. Tee says:

    How long does it take to be transmitted to the irs after you file, how long does it take to notify the tax payer if its rejected? ??

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tee,

      It shouldn’t take very long, usually 24-48 hours or less. Given that the start of this tax season was two weeks later than usual, some companies (not to mention the IRS) are swamped by a large backlog of returns accumulated over the course of January.

  210. BRANDI says:


  211. BRANDI says:


  212. jessica johnson says:


  213. lisab says:

    Mines was accepted already and put under review does that mean audit???

  214. Sally says:

    Hello everyone, here is my update::

    I e-filed with my local tax service in my nieghborhood on 01/31. I filed with 2 dependents and my refund will be over $5K. I agreed to the direct deposit. I checked today and it shows that i was approved and my refund will be deposited this thursday 02/07. So I hope that helps. IRS is really moving fast this year.

  215. Alex says:

    This is BS, I e-filed on 01/20/13 it was accepted by the IRS on 01/25/13 today is 01/04/13 and the IRS is still processing WTF should I call the IRS or keep waiting?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Alex,

      I don’t recommend calling the IRS. Even though your return was accepted by the IRS, it likely was not processed until January 30th, as this was the day that the season actually started. On top of that, the IRS estimated that you will get your refund in “under 21 days,” probably sometime between February 10 and February 21. If you call them and complain they’re likely just going to tell you to be patient.

  216. paula says:

    I filed my taxes yesterday at noon and my taxes are still processing, is there need to worry?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Paula,

      I doubt there’s need to worry. Processing both at private companies and at the IRS can often take a few days, especially at the beginning and end of the season.

  217. thomas says:

    i filled on the 21 of january got a email from tt saying congradulation we got your tax return excepted early by the irs on the 26here it is the 4 of feb and still no check suppose to be direct deposite whe i check the wmr it say your return is still being processed a refund date will be provided when available what does all this mean am i close to getting a check it was just saying still processing a couple of days ago now it through on the whole date will be provided when available.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Thomas,

      Even though your return may have been accepted on the 26th, the IRS likely did not begin processing it until the 30th as this was the official start of the season. On top of that, the IRS says that taxpayers can expect their refunds in under 21 days. I would say you can expect your refund between now and February 21. This is perfectly normal.

  218. Shannon says:

    I filed on 01/30/13 and i went on Wheres my refund today and it says “we cannot provide any information about your refund” what should i do ????

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Shannon,

      At this point I would be patient. The IRS had a massive backlog of returns to process starting on the 30th. You were at the very bottom of that pile and it’s likely that they just haven’t gotten to you yet. If there’s still no update by the end of the week then you can try contacting them.

  219. Jesse says:

    I filed on 1/31/13 and was accepted same day and I checked my refund status this morning and it still saying it is being processed what’s up with this? Or what’s it mean?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Jesse,

      It means it’s still being processed. The IRS had a massive backlog of returns to deal with starting January 30th. Yours was at the very bottom of that pile. They will likely get to it very soon but for now you just need to be patient.

  220. CASS says:

    I purcharsed the turbo tax software and did our own taxes this year. We have to itemize and have several deductions we use. I was ready to e-file and the system told me I couldn’t yet because the IRS had some forms that still were not ready… How much longer before I can e-file?

  221. nicole says:

    i did my boyfriends on january 25th and his was accepted on the 30th and he received his taxes on the first.. a few other people did there the same day and accepted the same day but yet they did ot get there’s on the first..

  222. Alex says:

    @Tax Advisor
    Thanks for the info, Guess all I can do is wait. I just don’t understand how ppl who filed there taxs later them me are getting there money sooner then me?!?! HOW IS THAT?

  223. LEX says:

    If I did my. Taxes on feb 1st and I checked the irs received it the same day is my check subject to arrive in the tax office by the 8th or before

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Lex,

      The IRS says that most people will have their refund in less than 21 days. It’s possible that your refund could arrive on Feb. 8th but if I had to guess, I’d say it will be between the 10th and the 21st. Check the Where’s My Refund tool for more information.

  224. jordan says:

    Every one needs to calm down it take at least a week before anyone should receive a refund. I guess there are people saying that they have already, i believe they are lying or some other crazy instance has happened to them. I believe with all the research that Feb 8 people will start receiving state refunds and possibly federal refunds. The average witched seems to be every tax year is that is your refund was accepted on the 31st of Jan, you will get it this Friday or next Friday the 15th of Feb. If you have not received a refund by then and wheres my refund is not saying what is going on, I would call them and ask. For the rest of us who wants to be rich for a little while the irs mostly DD on Friday so calm down they’er working as hard as they can and mostly 9 – 10 of you will go smoothly. Have a great tax year….

  225. sharon says:

    So anyone that had thier taxes directed into family acct did this work for you?
    My mom did my taxes through turbo tax this year i didnt have a checking acct so it was dd in my moms
    Anyone else go through?

  226. John says:

    When are they going to accept e-files of NYS returns? I did my federal and state through h&r block and got my federal return back already but they rejected my state??? I was told by H&R block this is because they arent accepting e-files yet. Is this true? Also i got charged 30 bucks to e-file my NYS return, but it says NYS should be free anyone know anything about this?

  227. jordan says:

    Looks like i was right, one of my clients today the IRS has approved there refund and will be dd on the 8th. it looks like if your asking for more that 8000 you will have to wait a little longer for the IRS to approve your refund. the refund was for 2477 and theirs went right through. The other 3 people taxes ranges from 8000 to 12000 have not been approved i suspect that since it is such a large amount for a standard w2 with EIC (Earned income credit) that they are double checking, they might be there still on Friday. Like i said before, if not in this room, they have always for me at least, update there dd date on wheres my refund on Wednesday, like they have done today. By the way i checked at 11:00 pm Tuesday and nothing, until today at 8:30 am 2/06/2013.

  228. Alex says:

    Thanks for that info. I think your right because I e-filed on Jan/20 accepted by IRS on Jan/25 and on the WMR site it’s still processing, but my friend who e-filed later then me got there money on Feb/01 only thing is how you said his refund was $3000+ and my refund is $10,000+ I’ll def let you guys know what happens.

  229. Gina says:

    In the middle of a home sale/purchase, I was told my BUYER had to file their taxes to satisfy their underwriters.  Even though they filed electronically on 1/22 the underwriters want the 4506T before they will finalize their loan.  How long should it take to get the 4506T?

  230. Andre says:

    I did not file 2011 taxes even doe I work 3 months than moved will I get any penalties

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Andre,

      If you are due a refund you will not have to pay any penalties. On the other hand if you owe money you pay have to pay a failure-to-file penalty, a failure-to-pay penalty, and/or interest.

  231. Kelsey says:

    I filed on January 11th, was accepted on the 24th, and it still says processing. What’s going on? I’m single, no kids, no school, nothing special about the refund. Folks in my office who have crazy exemptions and kids and weird things have either gotten theirs already or have projected dates!

  232. Sean says:

    How long does it take after you get your netspend card to get your refund

  233. stephanie says:

    The Ira accepted my return on the 6 when will it be direct deposited?

  234. Andre says:

    My refund is still being process but was accepted on 30 but say it’s being process on where’s my refund. Will I get paid on the 10 or do I have to wait for it’s accepted there also to get a schedule pay date

  235. darmok says:

    Knowing that some folks may have filed and hit the “send” button earlier in January but the IRS wasn’t beginning the processing until the 30th, I suspect that anyone who has received theirs already filed for a smaller refund and possibly went through a “Rapid Refund” program, sacrificing part of their return. To each their own.

    I filed (e-file) on the 31st. “Where’s my refund” status 2/8/13 states:
    “We have received your tax return and it is being processed.
    You should get your refund within 21 days from the date we received your tax return.”

    I’d really caution anyone who’s expecting something quicker to not get entrenched in to believing it’s just going to show up in a week or less. I’m sure it would be a nice surprise, but no one should let themselves depend on it happening.

    Just my $0.02.

  236. jordan says:

    yep i was right large amounts are under the microscope lol good luck

  237. nikki says:

    wmr says my refund is supposed to be deposited on my card today 2/8/13 but nothing has been dd yet will i get it today or no?

  238. maureen says:

    So I filed my taxes in 2/4 with h&r block. I always file with them and never have issues with getting return back fairly quick. I got an email from h&r block yesterday (2/7) stating my state and federal returns have been accepted. But when I. Check on WMR I keep getting the message thatthey can not give me any information on my return. Is anyone else getting the same. Message?

  239. LEX says:

    If I did my taxes after 11 am on the feb 1st when should I get my refund cause its not in the office today which is the 8th ?

  240. Roo Roo says:

    My husband got his state in not his biggest so what going on he did it in the 01/2013 we need help it say its pending hep me under stand

  241. Roo Roo says:

    Hey my husband got his state why not his big refund ?

  242. Sabrina says:

    @nikki from what I’ve read in the IRS website is after its sent to your bank it can take up to five days for them to clear it. So if it said the 8th then thats the day they transfer it. It’s was probably deposited today but the bank hasn’t posted it to your account yet. And not to start worrying until 5 days after your dd date. I hope this helps.

  243. Kiki says:

    I went through Net Zero, and I know my tax return was E-filed Febuary first,
    I was told that I would get a paper check for my federal, but That my state refund would be mailed.
    I went to the department of treasury website and
    It stated that my refund was ” completed” and
    The transaction was issued? Also it said direct deposit
    What should I go by?

  244. Alex says:

    Hell yeah!
    I just checked the WMR site and my refund has been approved! It shows a DD date of Feb/13 and my refund if big $10,000+ so to all you guys out there waiting a big refund like mine IT’S COMING! I’ll let you guys know when I get the money in my bank.

  245. lashay says:

    well jordan you are wrong, i got my text refund back feb 5th direct deposit.

  246. lashay says:

    My brother filed his refund a day after mine and i recieved mine on the 5th, he has yet to recieve his and he has a code at the bottom #152 .Does anyone else has this code at the bottom of there refund status when checking on the website.

  247. Sabrina says:

    The where’s my refund said it would be dd Monday feb 11 and guess what… My tax office called today and told me its there so I went to pick it up. Btw I had my check sent to the tax office instead of dd. The website said it would be dd. So I assumed that’s the day it would be sent and a few days for it to get there: But I got the call, and am very pleased.

  248. Tracie says:

    I got a direct deposit date today of 2/13/13 but underneath it was something about if anything was owed and so forth there would be an offset it still had the original amount we are suppose to get to be direct deposited. I called the 18003043107 number and it said I had no debts, so should I be worried, and is this just a normal message?

  249. Jit says:

    Has anyone that filed a self employment return recieved there return yet? ??

  250. Darmok says:

    Everyone has it I believe. If you read it, it says tax topic 152 and simply has info you should probably read through.

  251. Kelsey says:

    I got a 4464C letter in the mail on Friday, what does that mean?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kelsey,

      This means the IRS is reviewing your return more thoroughly to make sure everything you reported is accurate. It can also mean that your refund will be held up for up to 45 days.

  252. dominic g. says:

    i filed my taxes on feb.1,2013 when will i receive my tax refund in my bank account?

  253. Kelsey says:

    Is that 45 additional days tacked onto the 21 already for the initial return or is it all inclusive?

  254. Autumn says:

    Did not have to file taxes last year for 2011, so am I still able to efile return for 2012? I had no income so have no AGI or last years PIN. How will I efile? Please help. Thanks 🙂

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Autumn,

      Yes, you are still able to e-file. Enter “0” (zero) for the original Prior Year AGI. Do not leave this field blank. However, the Prior Year PIN/Electronic Filing PIN field should be left blank.

  255. Jp says:

    I was told that since I’m a homeowner and that there are some changes in the tax laws im not allowed to e-file until close to march . Is this true and what is it that is changing? Will it affect my refund?

  256. Alex says:

    Yeah Boy!
    Today is Wednesday Feb/13/13 4:15am in Orlando, FL and just like the WMR site said I GOT MY MONEY! DD into my bank. it’s been nice talking with all you guys but its time to party! Lol GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!

  257. Elaina says:

    if file taxes on february 6 2013 and it says feb 15 but can it come today to tax office were i filed at?

  258. McNeal says:

    Man thats fuck up fam! Just jokeing enjoye.

  259. Heidi says:

    WMR said mine would be deposited today and it isn’t in there. Does this happen often or should i worry

  260. mía gonzalez says:


    i did my taxes on the 30th soo i few days ago i called WMR and they gave me the DD of 2/8 but now i call and it says its being processed ?????.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Mia,

      You’ll have to call the IRS and ask them what’s going on, though this doesn’t sound all that unusual. I wouldn’t be too worried. You can reach them at 1-800-829-1040.

  261. mía gonzalez says:

    please help

  262. Kelly says:

    The IRS says I can efile my 2011 return through Modernized Efile (new capability for IRS), but that the efile vendor’s software must support prior year efiling. Does anyone know of a company that allows efiling for a prior year??

  263. Andre says:

    How can I talk to a live adviser on the irs number

  264. Jp says:

    If I haven’t done any any energy efficiency appliances or things to my home to receive extra credit or deductions there’s no other reason for me to wait until first week of march. Right ?

  265. Dre Day says:

    I filed my taxes on the 28 accepted the 30 still waiting is it going to be a hold if I didn’t file 2013

  266. Dre Day says:

    Mean if I didn’t file 2011 w2

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Dre Day,

      Your 2011 taxes shouldn’t affect your 2012 taxes. Remember that it can take 21 days or even longer for the IRS to process your return. Check the Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website for more info.

  267. darmok says:

    eFiled mine on 1/31/13, was a larger amount. Reported received nearly right away. Showed as “Processing” for quite a while. On 2/13/13 reported “Approved” and to be direct deposited on 2/15/13. Looked this morning (2/15/13) and it was deposited.

  268. Kevin Trussell says:

    I filed on 30th and it is Feb 15 still not processed how much longer to get my refund what date some one help please.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Kevin,

      The IRS says most taxpayers will get their refund in under 21 days, so you are still within that range. I would not start to worry until after the 21st. You should be able to check the status of your return (and the estimated date of your refund) on the Where’s My Refund tool on the IRS website.

  269. Kevin Trussell says:

    I filed on 30th and its the 15th checked the were,s my refund it been received but still says not processed yet got 10,000,00+ will i get it by next week or soon please some one help thanks.

  270. Kelly says:

    Does anyone have an answer to my question submitted on Feb 14: “The IRS says I can efile my 2011 return through Modernized Efile (new capability for IRS), but that the efile vendor’s software must support prior year efiling. Does anyone know of a company that allows efiling for a prior year??”
    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

  271. Amber says:

    I file on jan 28 did not get accpted on feb 3 my 21 one days is almost up and I still have no dd date yet.

  272. spenser says:

    If I file my 2010 Tax Return on 2013 via mail and will I get my refund or is it too late now to receive my refund?

  273. Dre Day says:

    Its almost 21 days this Thursday and my taxes still being processing.

  274. Kristen says:

    Sometimes your bank will hold as well.. So if IRS says a date and you haven’t received its probably at your bank processing.

  275. morgan says:

    can someone please tell me why the WMR was saying it has been received and being processed since FEb. 14th but now today it say they cannot provide information and say if have question call the number and give reference number 9001..what is the problem with that but when I call the number on phone to check it – it only states that is still processing

  276. Sylvia says:

    I efile on jan 30th and requested a paper check do you know when my refund might get here I keep going to the website but all it tells me is there still pocessing it confuse

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Sylvia,

      I can’t give you any information beyond what the IRS has told you. But do be aware that if you request a paper check it will take a little longer to get your refund than people who requested direct deposit. The IRS says most people should get their refund in under 21 days. If it still has not been issued by next week you could try giving them a call.

  277. Tiffany says:

    went to the irs website today check the status of my return. It came up with this message A refund date will be provided when available. And my return was accepted on Feb 5 2013. What should I do because up until today it was saying processing so what does it mean or do you have an idea of when I will get it thank you.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      I really have no idea when you will get it. I can’t provide you with any more information than the IRS has already given you. I would just be patient. If you really think something is wrong you could try calling the IRS.

  278. Gorgeous says:

    I have a questions . How long does it take for the IRS to receive and process (approve) your return . I filed on the 30th of January

  279. Gorgeous says:

    My return still isn’t here .

  280. John says:

    Hi everyone, me my wife and my son filed our taxes on the 13, does anyone know when the expected drop is? When we check it on wmr it just says processing. And we all used my wife’s bank account for dd, do you think that could affect it?

  281. Andy says:

    DD are limited to one per season except mfs

  282. Andy says:

    You can still efile 2011 1040s, 1120s 1065s and 1120S and the efile system does not close on 10-15, but rather sometime late in November.

  283. angie says:

    I e file my 2012 taxes on February 22 I still haven’t got my tax refund

  284. Rene says:

    It’s October 20th and I just resent mind back in because I had the wrong filing pin the first time.
    I E-filed and it has been accepted. Is that because I had already had the online forms filled out and had already tried to send them in,
    So they kept it open and I was still able to file?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Rene,

      I suggest contacting whomever you e-filed with directly so that they can better assist you with this situation. Typically, if the PIN is incorrect, your return will be rejected.

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