Who Qualifies For a Free Tax Return on RapidTax?

Who Qualifies For a Free Tax Return on RapidTax?

Not only can you begin your tax filing early with RapidTax, but you also may qualify for a free tax return.

The first day the IRS will be accepting e file 2014 tax season returns is around the corner. RapidTax has already started accepting returns. Not only can you begin your tax filing early but you also may qualify for a free tax return with RapidTax. Although free tax filing isn’t offered to everyone, many qualify to file free 2013 taxes.

How Can I Receive Free Tax Filing on RapidTax?

You might be asking; “Free tax filing, can it be true?” The answer is yes!  Free filing depends on your filing status and what forms you are reporting. The following includes who qualifies for a free return with RapidTax:

  • Filing Status: Single
  • Forms: 1099-G or W-2s
  • Dependents: None

In other words, if you are filing as single, and you don’t have dependents to report on your 2013 tax return, you can report any number of W-2 wages, salaries, tips and your tax return will be filed for free. If you meet the above conditions (single, no dependents, etc.) and you qualify for the Earned Income Credit or you need to report unemployment income received in 2013, you’ll still be eligible for free filing with RapidTax.

Who Doesn’t Qualify for a Free Tax Return?

Still unsure if you’ll be filing a free tax return with RapidTax? Basically if you are married, have dependents and/or  reporting forms other than 1099G or W-2, you won’t receive a free tax return.  A tax return won’t be free if you are;

  • Claiming Dependents
  • Married filers
  • Reporting credits (other than the Earned Income Credit)
  • Taking Itemized Deduction, above-the-line deductions
  • Reporting alimony or retirement income
  • Reporting capital gains or losses

Let’s be honest, free tax filing is awesome. Even if you don’t fit into the brackets for a free tax return, the RapidTax prices are very affordable for any tax filer! Not only that but RapidTax offers everyone free unlimited e-mail and live support from tax experts.

Get started on your free 2013 tax return today and your return will be among the first to be filed to the IRS on January 31st.

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2 Responses to “Who Qualifies For a Free Tax Return on RapidTax?”

  1. virginia hadzicki says:

    I am trying to get my taxes done for the 2010 year. I am age 65 with little income and live in Medford, new York 11763. I have called so so many vita places that do it for free but they won’t do it for that year, only for this year. Please help me~! Thank you
    P.S. I don’t know how to do them myself.

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Viriginia,

      We can help you file your 2010 tax return, we file prior year returns all the way back to 2005. To file your 2010 return, simply go to our create an account page (by clicking this) and select “Prior Year 2010” from the “Choose your Tax Year” drop down menu. Then, simply create a USER ID and Password and you can get started filling in your 2010 information. When filing, if you have any questions, you can contact us directly via phone or live-chat.

      It’s good to know up front that prior year tax returns are not free. The prices on our site are much cheaper than going to a tax preparer.

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