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Tax Tips: How to Choose a Tax Preparer

Posted by Manisha Hansraj on January 23, 2018
Last modified: January 24, 2018

Are you stuck on choosing a Tax Preparer?

“One size fits all,” doesn’t apply when choosing your tax preparer. Take a second to imagine this scenario. John is a college student and it’s time to file his taxes for the very first time. Nerve wracking, isn’t it? He has one W-2 statement and a myriad of education expenses that surely affected his bank account. He’s unsure of where to begin and if he should simply file online or visit a tax accountant.

Whether you’re new to taxes, like John, or an experienced taxpayer, filing your tax return can be a demanding process. On top of that, you might be wondering if you should file your tax return online or go to a local tax accountant. Here are some tax tips to consider when making that decision.

Online filing may be right for you.

During tax season, convenience, quality and time are both important. By filing your taxes online, you can complete a self-prepared return by opting to e-file your current year tax return or paper file your prior year return right from the comfort of your own home. Tax preparation sites require you to have: (more…)

Tax Relief for Victims of Natural Disasters in 2017

Posted by Divya Hansraj on November 14, 2017
Last modified: November 21, 2017

Hurricane Effects
A tax relief will give you the break you need.

There are few calamities that compare to the damage and loss of a natural disaster. Hurricane Harvey forced thousands of residents from Texas out of their homes and left stranded without power and clean drinking water. Similarly, residents of Florida had to evacuate coastal areas due to flood zones. These events can leave families in a wreck, taking years to recover from. As horrific as these events can be, the IRS provides tax relief for taxpayers living in disaster areas.

Read on to learn more about how the IRS handles tax reliefs and find out if you qualify.

What is a natural disaster?

According to the IRS, a natural disaster is a nature-related event. Usually, these events are hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and tsunamis. However, there are more. Nonetheless, it was surprising to find mine cave-ins and sonic booms on the list!

Do I qualify?


When Does E-File End for 2015 Tax Returns?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 13, 2016
Last modified: December 16, 2016

The e-file deadline was October 17th, 2016 for 2015 tax returns.

Do you happen to be reading this after the deadline mentioned above? No worries. You can still file your 2015 tax return. You’ll just need to paper file it instead.

How to prepare and paper file your 2015 tax return online?

Sure, the e-file season for 2015 is over. You’re not completely out of luck. You can still prepare your tax return as you normally would. You’ll just need to send it into the IRS instead of submitting it online.

For example, if you typucally use RapidTax each year, you can also use us for your late returns. Here’s how it works:

  1. Create an account with a unique username and password.
  2. Begin entering in your 2015 tax information to our user-friendly application. Feel free to contact our support team with any questions along the way!
  3. Continue through the checkout process and submit your return to be prepared on IRS tax forms.
  4. Print, sign and mail your return to the IRS.


When Does the 2017 Tax Season Start for Filing 2016 Tax Returns?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 5, 2016
Last modified: December 9, 2016

The holidays are upon us and so is the 2017 Tax Season!

Before getting wrapped up in the feasting and celebrating, it might be smart to think about where you stashed that box of receipts for the year. That’s right! The 2017 tax season has snuck up on us yet again. But let’s get one thing straight. This is not a time to panic. In fact, if you’re reading this, you’re most likely ahead of the game already!

We’re here to help you get your tax situation in order. That way you can focus on the important things this time of year calls for.

Dates and Deadlines

It’s important to have some dates in mind or even marked on your calendar. Here’s the deal:

  • January 1st marks the launch of the RapidTax 2016 application! You can start submitting your accounts with us and get in line for the IRS start date to e-file.
  • January 23rd is when the IRS opens up the doors to e-file your return. If you have already submitted your 2016 return with RapidTax, then you wouldn’t need to worry about this date. We’ll submit it to the IRS for you.
  • April 18th marks Tax Day for individual returns! It is also the last day to file a tax extension. Here’s a tip… if you aren’t able to file your return by this date, then FILE AN EXTENSION (psst, it give you an extra 6 months to file, penalty-free)

Receipts and Documents

When preparing your tax return, you’ll probably need to have a few things handy. Here’s what you can work on digging up: (more…)

10 Reasons You Should File a 2015 Tax Extension

Posted by Robert Flanagan on March 7, 2016
Last modified: October 6, 2016

Searching for a reason to file a 2015 tax extension?

It’s never a good idea to do anything out of pure laziness. However, if you can justify your logic for filing a 2015 tax extension, then by all means, DO. Here are ten good reasons why you should file a tax extension this year.

1. It does not require IRS approval.

As long as you apply for a tax extension, you’ll get one. It’s not like filing an actual tax return where you need to wait for the IRS to review and approve it. In fact, there is no process at all. Just submit the form to the IRS, and your extension will be on record.

2. You will skip the April 18th deadline rush.

Have you ever tried calling the IRS or your accountant in April? How long were you placed on hold? If you file an extension, you have an extra 6 months to figure out your tax situation.

3. It will NOT trigger an IRS audit.

Some taxpayers shy away from filing a tax extension because they assume it will increase their chance of being audited. The majority of audits happen because of tax returns that are against the typical patterns. When something out of the ordinary is picked up on a tax return by the IRS, they note that something may be wrong and take a further look. Many taxpayers think of an extension to be paired with doing something wrong. In all actuality, tax returns filed in October show a higher rate of being approved since they are filed accurately and completely.

4. You lost your W-2 or 1099.

When you misplace your income statements, it can be a hassle to get another copy. If you can’t get one from your employer, then you’ll need to request a transcript from the IRS. This is an easy process, but it can take up to 10 days to reach your mailbox. And if the transcript is incomplete due to IRS delays, you’ll need to contact your employers directly for a new copy of any W-2s or 1099s you’re missing.


When is the Last Day to E-File a 2015 Tax Return?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on March 3, 2016
Last modified: March 7, 2016

Get all your ducks in a row this tax season.

April is great. Spring has sprung. The snow has melted. And you’ve just remembered….you still need to file your 2015 tax return!

The tax filing deadline is April 18th, 2016.

This is not a typo. You get 3 extra days this year to e-file your tax return with the IRS. Why is that, you ask? If the typical April 15th deadline just so happens to fall on a weekend (including Friday), the IRS will push it back to the following Monday. Hence, April 18th.

Expecting a refund?

If an excess amount of federal taxes were withheld from your paychecks this year, then you can expect a refund from the IRS. The deadline still applies to you and you still need to file a tax return. However, if you don’t e-file by April 18th, you won’t face any penalties from the IRS. In fact, you can claim your 2015 tax refund until 2019 thanks to the three-year statute of limitations!

If you’re not ready, file an extension.

Even if you can’t file your actual tax return by April 18th and you have a tax liability, you can file your 2015 tax extension with RapidTax for free. This will give you until October 17th, 2016 to e-file your tax return, penalty-free.

When filing an extension, you will need to estimate your tax liability and pay a small amount towards it. Even $5 will do (it’s all about showing initiative here).

Oh, the penalties you’ll face for not filing (and paying) on time.

Miss curfew? Get a lecture from mom. Late to a meeting? Get reprimanded by your boss. Miss the tax filing deadline? Get penalty fees tacked onto your tax bill by the IRS. Below is a breakdown of what the IRS will charge you if you don’t file your taxes by April 18th (or October 17th with an extension). (more…)

When Does 2016 Tax Season Start?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 23, 2015
Last modified: October 6, 2016

Prepare for take-off! Tax Season came early this year.

The IRS has announced the start of the 2016 tax season to be Tuesday, January 19th. That is officially one day earlier than last year.

And just in case that didn’t knock your socks off, here’s even more good news. The IRS will not have a tiered opening season this year. Contrary to prior years, taxpayers filing a paper tax return will have the same start date as taxpayers who choose to e-file.

Can I prepare my tax return earlier than January 19th?

Yes, you can. At, we provide our services even earlier than the IRS official start date. Keep in mind that this does not mean that your return will be e-filed by the IRS before January 19th but you will be able to create an account and enter all of your information early. After you submit your account, we will handle the rest and make sure your return is e-filed as soon as the IRS opens for filing.

What should I do next?


When Does the 2016 Tax Season Begin For Filing 2015 Tax Returns?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on November 13, 2015
Last modified: November 23, 2016

The 2016 tax season has not started yet but you can still get your head in the game!

Every season has a start and an end. Let’s take football for example. You can’t throw a few linebackers and quarterbacks on a field mid-May and tell them to play for the SuperBowl ring. There needs to be officials present and aware of what is going on… not to mention some team preparation and uniform fittings.

The same logic applies to taxes. Taxpayers can prepare for tax season all they want by gathering documents and sorting receipts. It doesn’t mean that you can submit your return to the IRS before the season starts and expect them to accept it. That’s because there are annual changes and documents that need to be issued prior to the start date.

Why are tax preparers saying that 2015 tax preparation is available now?

Some online tax preparation websites are claiming that 2015 tax returns can be prepared and filed. Well, in their defense, that’s half true. In fact, they should be advertising that you can prepare now and file much later (once the IRS starts accepting tax returns).

This may sound tempting but it could just end in more time spent on taxes than really necessary. What do we mean? Well for one, the IRS does not release the new tax forms until the very end of the year (We’re talking post Eggnog binge). That means that all of the information that you are entering onto your account may be incorrect. Not to mention that the financial year hasn’t ended yet so the income amount you enter on your account will need to be updated, regardless come January when you are issued your W-2 form from your employer(s). (more…)

Last Day to Claim a 2011 Tax Refund is April 15th!

Posted by Robert Flanagan on April 8, 2015
Last modified: October 6, 2016

Hurry – Wednesday, April 15th is the last day to claim a 2011 Tax Refund! 

April 15, 2015 is not only Tax Day for current year tax returns, it’s also the very last day to file a 2011 tax return and still claim a 2011 refund.

That’s because the IRS Statute of Limitations only allows filers three years from the April 15 deadline to claim a tax refund. So, it won’t matter whether you took a tax extension back in 2012.

So where does the unclaimed money go after the three years? You guessed it- the IRS keeps it!

Don’t hand over your hard earned money. File your 2011 tax return today and claim your refund! (more…)

Are There Tax Extensions for Military Personnel?

Posted by Robert Flanagan on December 5, 2014
Last modified: October 6, 2016

If you’re in the military and overseas, you have an extension on the date you must file your taxes by.

Here at RapidTax, we salute all the brave men and women serving our country. We also all military personnel to understand the military tax advantages.

Serving in the military is far from easy. The last thing on your mind is taxes. Luckily, the IRS offers a few tax extensions for military personnel. These tax extensions are offered to the following military personnel;

  • overseas active duty
  • combat zone

That means, if you fall within one of the two categories above, you won’t be required to file your taxes by the April 15th tax deadline. Additonally, there are other tax credits you may be eligible for. RapidTax is here to help you save time and money when filing!

Overseas Personnel

If you serve outside of the United States or Puerto Rico and you’re on assignment during the tax deadline (April 15), you are granted an automatic two-month filing extension to file.

That means, you have until June 15 to file your taxes. However, you do not have an extension to pay your taxes and must pay your tax liability by the April 15 deadline. (more…)