Can I File My Taxes On a Phone or Tablet?

Posted by on January 31, 2014
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Can I File My Taxes On a Phone or Tablet?

Let’s face it, we no longer run home to use our desktop computer. Instead, we have everything in the palms of our hands.

30 years ago, just about everyone drove to a tax filer to file their taxes. The annual routine became nothing but a memory when taxpayers realized they didn’t have to leave home to file their taxes and could do everything online. The age of e-commerce has allowed businesses to grow in the cyber world while transforming the tax filing process.

Can the 56% of Americans with a smartphone use it to file taxes?

Today, 80% of Americans age 18-34 have a smartphone, while 56% of all Americans have one. With phones and tablets basically being an extension to our bodies, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we not only want to talk, text, tweet and read a book on one device, we also want to file our taxes from our phones. The big question is, can you really file your taxes from the palm of your hand? With RapidTax, you can.

Is the RapidTax site easy to use on a phone?

You can file your taxes from your phone or tablet. The real question is if you can actually see the website’s content clearly? To answer this, I put the RapidTax site to a test with my iPhone.
One of the first things I noticed, the sign in page is perfectly designed for cell phone use. Following that, after logging in, I realized although I prefer using my phone vertically, the RapidTax site is enhanced after flipping the phone horizontally.

Filling in the RapidTax tax application on a phone was no different from filing on a desktop (other than the screen viewing size, of course). The process was straightforward and easy. Using a tablet to file my taxes was even better (larger screen + touch screen = easy tax filing). Not convinced by my phone filing test? The numbers won’t lie. One third (⅓) of RapidTax website users over the past year used RapidTax on their phone or tablet. Go ahead, try it.

I can file my taxes on my phone right now?

Bottom line, it’s pretty awesome that we can do just about anything from our phones and tablets. Twenty years ago, while walking into a brick and water accounting office to file your 1993 taxes, who would have ever guessed that in 2014, you would be filing your taxes on your phone?
The IRS is now accepting 2013 e-filed returns. File your taxes now on RapidTax and by mid-February, you’ll open your phone’s banking app and see your 2014 tax refund, giving you something to tweet about!

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