What is my filing status? The IRS requests your personal relationship status at the top of Federal Form 1040 for tax purposes. Each filing provides you with your standard... (Read More)
How do I qualify for married filing jointly filing status? In order to qualify for the married filing joint filing status, you must be married on the last day of the tax year even if you did not... (Read More)
Under what conditions should I choose to file as married filing separately? In order to qualify choose the married filing separately filing status; you must be married at the end of the year.  Only report your income,... (Read More)
How do I obtain the head of household filing status? In order to file as Head of Household, you must be the sole provider for your home and have a qualifying dependent. You can file Head of Household... (Read More)
What conditions need to apply to file as a qualifying widow(er) with dependent child filing status? The Widow(er) filing status applies to taxpayers two years after their Spouse passed. The surviving Spouse must meet all requirements in order... (Read More)
Who qualifies as a dependent? A dependent could be a qualifying child or qualifying relative. Each dependent can only be claimed once. If the dependent is filing their... (Read More)
What conditions must be met to claim a qualifying Child? A qualifying child can qualify as your dependent if they meet the IRS conditions.   The minor is your son, daughter, stepchild, foster... (Read More)
How about a qualifying relative? A relative can qualify as your dependent if they meet the IRS conditions. A relative is your son, daughter, stepchild, foster child, adoptive child,... (Read More)

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