Attention Prior Year Tax Filers:

  • Late tax returns can be self-prepared online but cannot be e-filed.

  • Your completed tax return must be downloaded, printed, signed, and mailed to the IRS.

  • Most tax returns submitted on a given day are ready for download the same day. However, some more complicated returns may take up to 3 days before they are made available.

  • You can only claim a tax refund for the three, most recent prior tax years you are filing.

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Prior Year Price Packages: 2005-2017 Tax Returns

Federal Tax Return

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The RapidTax Prior Year Federal Tax Package includes:

  • Online federal tax return preparation
  • Free expert tax support by phone, live chat, and email
  • Access to all the tax forms supported by our application except for Schedule K-1 Forms 1065 & 1120S

Federal & State Tax Returns

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The Federal & State Tax Package enables you to prepare your prior year federal and home state* tax returns for one low fee. It includes:

  • Online federal tax return preparation
  • Online state tax return preparation for a single state
  • Access to special calculations specific to each state
  • Automatic credit issued for taxes paid to other states
*Your home state is the state you lived in on the last day of the tax year.

Single Or Multi State Late Tax Return

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You can file one or more prior year state tax returns without filing a federal tax return at the same time.

The fee to file any prior year state tax return without a federal return or for an additional state besides your home state, is: $29.95

Business Tax Return

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  • You will need to upgrade to the Business Tax Return package if your financial situation requires that you report income from a Partnership, Trust, LLC to which you belong, or a corporation in which you are a shareholder.
  • Income from self-employment or from a business of which you are the sole proprietor does not require this upgrade.
  • The IRS forms we support to this effect are Form 1065, 1041 & 1120S.

Amended Tax Returns

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We can amend your federal or state tax returns whether you filed with us or not

  • Existing RapidTax customers who need to file an amended return to correct an error can do so for a fee of $39.95.
  • The $39.95 or $99.95 fee applies whether the amended return is only for a federal tax return, a state tax return, or for both.
  • Customers who did not file their original tax return with RapidTax can have it amended for $99.95.
  • Please note: an amended tax return cannot be e-filed. You must download, print, sign, and mail your amended return to the IRS or state authority.

Additional Services

CPA Tax Review

  • One of our certified public accountants will address your individual tax situation during a personalized consultation, paying precise attention to the deductions & credits you may claim to boost your tax refund. If you request the CPA Review for more than one tax year, your second year is $69.95.

Three Year Audit Defense

  • A tax professional will review your tax return for potential audit red flags. In the occurrence of your being audited, we will represent your case before the Examination Division of the IRS.

Three Year Long Term Safeguarding

  • Your tax information will be kept secure with us to ensure that you have access to it at any time within the three year span of the IRS statute of limitation.

Professional Tax Review

  • A tax expert will personally review your completed tax return for mistakes and other audit tip-offs while optimizing it for the maximum refund you are eligible for. In addition, we will represent you before the Examination Division of the IRS in case you are audited. Please be aware that complicated tax returns may require up to 3 days before the review process is complete.

Professional Bound File Copies

  • Your tax return will be professionally bound for you to keep in your records.

Complete Additional Services Package

All four of our additional services at one low price

  • Three Year Audit Defense
  • Three Year Safeguarding
  • Full Professional Review
  • Bound File Copy of your tax return