Fast Refund Options During the Tax Season

photo of a bank

Direct Deposit with Fee From Refund offers direct deposit with the Fee From Refund option. If you choose this option, your tax preparation fees will be deducted directly from your refund. You’ll receive your refund via direct deposit to your bank account within less than 21 days* after filing your tax return. The fee for this service is $15  and is offered using MetaBank.

* According to the IRS website most refunds are disbursed in less than 21 days. Refund Transfers are bank deposit products using MetaBank, Member FDIC, that enable certain deductions from the account to be processed. Refund Transfers are not loans. Tax refund and e-filing are required in order to receive Refund Transfer. Fees apply. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice. Ask your preparer about other IRS e-file options, some of which are provided at no additional cost.

photo of an IRS refund check

Direct Deposit or Check from the IRS or State Agency also offers a direct deposit or check option with payment by credit card. If you choose this option, your tax refund will be direct deposited into your bank account by the IRS or your state agency within 21 days of filing your tax return. If you opt for a check instead of a direct deposit, your tax refund by check may take anywhere between 10 and 30 days to reach you.

Note that the Payment by Check alternative is not available if you picked the Fee from Refund option. The Fee from Refund option is only offered for current year tax returns.
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