When is the Last Day to File Taxes in 2014?

When is the Last Day to File Taxes in 2014?

The 2014 tax filing season started late. However, the delay does not change the April 15th tax filing deadline.

April 15th is one of the most recognized dates to US taxpayers. Unlike December 25th, October 31st, and July 4th, April 15th generally does not have a positive “let’s celebrate” correlation. Instead, it’s the last day to file taxes… AKA TAX DAY. 

This year, the deadline remains. Tuesday, April 15, 2014 is the last day to file your 2013 taxes. Regardless of how many days you have left, you shouldn’t put off filing your taxes. Why wait until the last day to file your tax return? Instead, file now on RapidTax and your April 15, 2014 will be stress free.

If you opted out of e-filing and you are mailing your tax return, it must be postmarked by April 15, 2014.

I can’t file my taxes by the last day, can I get a tax filing extension?

If for some reason you can’t file your taxes by April 15, 2014, you can instead file an extension. You’ll have to file Form 4868  [Application for Automatic Extension of Time to File U.S. Individual Income Tax Return] by the April 15, 2014 filing deadline.

If you do request an extension, your last day to file 2013 taxes will be extended by six months to October 15, 2014. During this time period, you’ll still be able to e-file your 2013 tax return.

It’s good to know, when filing an extension, you will have to estimate your tax liability and pay an amount (even if it’s just $5) towards your tax due by April 15th. When you do file your taxes (by October 15th), you’ll have to pay the IRS interest on top of your tax due.

Can I file on the last tax filing day or after on RapidTax

Yes, you can in fact file your taxes on RapidTax on April 15, 2014 or after. Although we do not advise tax filers to wait until the last day to file taxes, we will accept tax returns submitted on April 15, 2014. Those submitting after April 15th, will be considered late, but will be able to e-file until October 15, 2014.

The bottom line is the tax filing deadline remains at April 15, 2014. With that said, you’ll have to file your tax return or an extension by the April deadline. 

Don’t procrastinate until the last day to file. Instead, be proactive and get your 2013 tax return out of the way now on RapidTax. Then, you’ll have a reason to celebrate!

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