When Can I E-File 2014 Taxes in 2015?

When Does E-File Begin for 2014?

The IRS has yet to announce when you can e-file 2014 taxes in 2015.

Last year, on December 18, the IRS announced when the 2014 tax season would begin. That means, you’ll need to wait until mid-December this year to find out when the 2015 tax season will start.

Last year, the IRS e-file start date was set at January 31, 2014 for filers to e-file a 2013 tax return.  If you think back to last year, you may recall the hectic government shut down, causing a delay to the start of the tax season.

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This year, you can take a guess that tax season 2015 will begin sometime between the middle and end of January. That means, you’ll probably be able to have your 2014 taxes e-filed by the start of February.

The start of the e-file 2014 tax season was one of the latest on record. Cross your fingers that the 2015 season won’t follow suit.

Keep in mind that once the IRS announces the official date for e-file to begin, we’ll update this page with the new information. Bookmark this page and come back in December for the official date you’ll be able to e-file your 2014 taxes. 

Regardless of when the 2015 tax season begins, tax day (aka the last day to file a 2014 tax return) remains at April 15th.

As for how fast you’ll be able to get your tax refund once your 2014 tax return is e-filed, the IRS has spent time making improvements to the e-file system so that it’s faster for everyone. That means, if you e-file your 2014 taxes with RapidTax, you’ll be able to file quickly and receive your tax refund within 21 days.

You’ll also be happy to hear that RapidTax posts the current year tax return application early, allowing you to enter your tax information before the start of the tax season. Then, when the season officially begins, your return will be among the first e-filed to the IRS.

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7 Responses to “When Can I E-File 2014 Taxes in 2015?”

  1. Tammy lambert says:

    I am wondering when I can e-file to have my taxes direct deposited in my bank account

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Tammy,
      The IRS tax season officially starts on Jan. 31st. That means, the IRS will be accepting returns starting on 1/31. However, our website has the 2013 tax application already up. That means, you can fill out your tax return on our website, submit and when January 31st rolls around, we will have it submitted to the IRS.
      Saying that, if you do fill out and submit before the start of the tax season, you can probably expect your direct deposited refund by mid-February. Here is a link to an estimate tax refund cycle chart to see when you can expect your refund, based upon what day you file.
      Hope that helps. Happy filing!

  2. Bridgette says:

    Hi, I let someone from my job do my taxes , they did my taxes in 2011 everything was fine , I let them do them again for 2012, she told me when she filed them for 2012 it was rejected, I have 4 dependents which one was a newborn and we all were claimed , someone claimed me and my 4 children the only one who had access to my newborns social security number was the person who did my taxes , I’m still with the father and he lets me claim them, we found out from a rapid tax place my info was put thru on free tax usa to do a rapid refund to get the money back in 2 days , my return was offset becausevi owed money so this person was unable to get the money fast, when the bank finally received the money it was held by them because the social security number didnot match the bank account it was being deposited into, I know who did this, the irs now tells me I owe them somemoney how can I get a copy of the original tax return that was submitted first thru tax usa the one that the irs accepted first because I had to mail mine in on paper

  3. Brenda says:

    I tried filing my taxes on Tuesday but it was rejected the tax person said because the ssn of my number of my newborn probably hasn’t been updated with the IRS yet can someone tell me how long it takes for the irs to update there systems

  4. Helen says:

    I downloaded my forms from the IRS website and placed them on my USB in a PDF file. Can I email them to the IRS to file them?

    • Tax Advisor says:

      Hi Helen,
      No. You will need to prepare your taxes with a tax preparer, such as RapidTax.com. Once your tax return is prepared, you can elect to have your taxes e-filed (electronically filed) directly to the IRS or you can print, sign and mail them to the IRS.

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